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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

OK, Mr Blair... Are You Going To Do Anything?

Day 6 and counting.
I can't believe that the British have done nothing to retrieve their sailors from the outlaw regime of Iran! The Brits need to get "geared up" soon if the expect to have their sailors home by Christmas!

These Iranian dogs will do anything they like, anywhere they can, and to anybody they choose. They have no concept of loyalty to the Geneva Convention. They have no understanding of The Rule of Law. They have no other reason to exist than to shake their fist at the West and say, See, you cannot rule us!

Since the West has threatened their insistence on having nuclear weapons, they will strike out in their evil, cowardly ways to gain leverage against that threat any way they can. That means supplying terrorists in Iraq. That means supporting terrorism in Lebanon. That means kidnapping Brits. I won't be surprised if they kidnap some Americans soon.

These weasels cannot be trusted to do anything but terrorize the world. That is all they know. Iranian history is full of terror acts, blood letting, treachery, deceit, theft and a penchant for twisting the truth to suit the current ruling gang of butchers.

Mr. Blair, you're going to need to do something soon. Get those people back home by hook or by crook before we are watching their bodies being dragged through Tehran.

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