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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Give it a rest!

Welcome to my blog.

I’m hoping this will be the beginning of a great adventure.
Time will tell won’t it?

Anyway, the first thing on my mind is the remorse I feel for all Americans.
I have just lived through the saddest six years of my life.

I’ve been on this old rock a long time and I can never remember a sitting president being so vilified. First it was Al Gore, then the late night talk shows, then the liberal media, and now it’s turned into sport. The liberal establishment wants to impeach the President just because he’s the President! To substantiate their cause they have cited every notion one can imagine! He stole two elections. He’s inarticulate. He’s not Presidential “timber”. He chose that “crook” Cheney as his VP. He lied to us about WMD.

It seems that a new item is added to the list every day!

Well, I’ve had enough. This is my country too and I’m going to try my best to shout down the radical left and all it’s irreverent criticism of the President of The United States.

OK. You don’t like the guy. So roll up your sleeves and get out the vote for your guy. And, you you better understand that your guy needs to have a plan to do it better or he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of gaining the office.

Work your tail off to defeat the Republicans, but don’t wallow in the mud and show your ass to the rest of the world.

This “anti” behavior has severely damaged our country’s reputation overseas and continues to drag through the mud any attempt to feel good about the work our troops are doing to defeat terrorism. What’s your point? Is it that you just hate George Bush? Or that you lost two elections because you had “losers” as candidates? Or do you have some special esoteric reason?
Grow up and Get Over It!

I realize that this criticism is sort of old news, but for me it’s still timely. I keep hearing it every day. It’s in every TV news and talk program and on every radio news and talk station. Our Commander In Chief is under attack by his own people! It’s an appalling situation and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

I really don’t think the liberal left understands the stakes of the game we’re all playing. Certainly not. For if they did, they would not risk the chance of losing the fight just to scream and shriek anti-war slogans and wear anti-Bush t-shirts. No they certainly do not realize the stakes.

For if they did, they would know that we’re in a war with a huge gang of Radical Muslims and they will stop at nothing to kill us all. They want to convert or kill all infidels. That means all the liberal lefties, all the anti-war zealots, and all the screamers will die or convert. Don’t be fooled into thinking the conservatives will escape their wrath either. That’s right, that means you! Convert to Islam or die!

That’s why this vilification of Mr. Bush has to stop. We’re going to need every weapon we have at our disposal to defeat these dogs. Mr. Bush needs our total support to fight this jihad with these mad jackals. They won’t stop until they’re either sitting in the White House or sitting upon their satin pillows cavorting with their 23 virgins!

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