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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Boy, was I ever wrong about Florida! I thought that the conservatives down there would go for Romney for sure.
But, McCain wins prety easily! Wow!

How are the conservatives going to reconcile voting for this guy?
His anti stance against the Bush tax cuts, his 'Gang of 14' reputation, and his close ties with Mrs. Bill Klinton!
I don't think so!
This guy is NOT a conservative!

Yes, he is strong on defense but I think anyone in his right mind is strong on defense. So what makes him so special? I can't see it. Maybe I'm blind, but I can't see it.

OK. He is a war hero and has a lot of sympathy because of his time in the POW camp in Vietmnam. He has a lot of credibility.
BUT, he is not a conservative, period!
I can't see myself or any other conservatives voting for this guy.

As for the dems, I surely thought Obama would fare much better than he did, I'm sure he's disappointed. That Klinton woman really surprised me. But Obama did gain in popularity and had better numbers that he had hoped for, so maybe he'll give her a run for her money after all?

And this SHOCKER! - After watching H&C on FOX after the polls closed, I was dismayed to hear Dick Morris say that his exit polling showed that the Republican Party was shifting to the left!

My God! I certainly hope he is worng!
We cannot be shifting to the left just to get elected!
If we get beat, then it should be the democrats that beat us -
NOT the Republicans beating themselves!

Morris also said that 'The Breck Girl' will likely drop out soon. Morris said that his voters are people that don't want a black man for president and don't want a woman for president.
Alan Colmes asked 'Are you saying that his voters are bigots?'

Morris replied, 'That's not what I said'. 'I said his(Edwards) voters are not ready for a black man nor a woman to hold the office of president'.

Very interesting! I think I tend to agree... I'm certainly not ready for a woman nor a black man in the White House!
Are YOU?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Are We Kidding?

I ask this question... Have we really thought this through?

Everyone is talking about the economy as if it has suddenly become a big problem... Well, it's not a big problem, but we do have a "big problem" with the economy!

With all this clammering for 'green autos' that will burn Ethanol, we have created a sudden surge in the price of corn. Our farmers are not prepared for this kind of price escalation and many are feeling the pinch already.

I believe the stock market is hearing their cry and is already 'circling the wagons' in anticipation of our political leaders suddenly realizing this problem and calling for an emergency fix that may include a halt to any serious development of alternative fuels. (The government may already be thinking that way for all I know) And, as most of us already know, ANY government involvement in the marketplace is bad, but this could be a disaster!

What if the price of corn tripled - or more? How would the farmers feed their stock? I can see the price of a steak going from $20 to $100 really quick! That kind of priceing will certainly cause the masses to rethink how they spend their dollars. With the price of feed for livestock going thru the roof, the price we pay at the market will follow suit almost immediately.

But the worst of it is -
Gasoline may become the single most important product on our shopping list!

What have these 'tree huggers' done to us?
My God! Have we killed the Golden Goose!

We've sacraficed our high standard of living to save the baby seals and the spotted owl and tiny green frog and the giant condor and all the whales and ... Does it ever end?
Who will we save next?

When do we start to realize we are here by the grace of God and there is nothing we can do to prevent our demise - or prolong our stay.

We're not causing global warming - the earth gets warm and the earth gets cold!

How many ice ages have we had 2? 3? How many 'little' ice ages? By my way of thinking when an ice age ends we have a warm period, right?
Sheeze! What's not to understand?
Global warming will occur with or without any of us.

It will be over when it's over. There's nothing to be done about it, so get over it!

Let's help the farmers to make a buck, and drill for oil in every place we can. Spend those valuable research dollars earmarked for Ethanol on hydrogen fuels or invent something new.

But don't kill the farm!

Who Now?

Boy am I disappointed! Fred Thompson has dropped out of the race altogether! He was my longshot favorite quite a while ago and I really expected him to gather support. But alas, it was not to be. The only true conservative in the race is now on the bench!

I feel many people are a little tired of politics and are really not paying much attention to the primaries right now. The dems seem to have a good 'get out the vote' machine and are getting respectable numbers. the republican voters seem to be patiently waiting on the sideline until a clear favorite emerges.

Who will be the republican nominee? Who will be the democrat nominee? At this particular time it looks like a two horse race between Romney and McCain for the republicans. As for the dems, well, let's just say I hope to heaven that the Klintons DO NOT return to the White House. I really don't think Obama will make the grade, but if Mrs. Bill Klinton is the nominee, we have our hands full - the Klinton Political Machine will stop at nothing(and I mean NOTHING) to regain the White House.

Today I witnessed the entire Kennedy Klan swing their total support behind Obama. WOW! That's a real boost for him. I'm sure we all thought the Kennedys and the Klintons were tight. I guess they're not THAT tight! Ms Caroline said that Obama was the only candidate that reminded her of her dad.
Pa-Leeze! JFK was a man for his times - Obama is just a guy from Chicago.

The Florida primary is tomorrow and I predict that Romney and Obama will win there. That will certainly stir the pot! With Florida's "winner-take-all" format, it may be the perfect time to derail the McCain Express and throw a wench in the Klinton Machine!
Stay tuned!