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Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama’s Self-Disarmament of America Continues

Defense & National Security... From - Human Events

Lt. Col. Oliver North

WASHINGTON — Americans following this year’s presidential campaign would never know it from mainstream media coverage, but the commander in chief we hired four years ago has set the United States on a course for unilateral disarmament.

The following people hope you won’t notice until after Nov. 6: Vladimir Putin, Liang Guanglie, Kim Jong-un, Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, A.Q. Khan and of course, Barack Obama.

The 10 individuals above share a common fascination: nuclear weapons. - Vladimir Putin, Russia’s modern czar; Liang Guanglie, minister of national defense for the People’s Republic of China; Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s “Great Successor;” and Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Kayani, already have such weapons of mass destruction in their hands, the means of delivering them and are racing to build more. Messer’s Khamenei — Iran’s supreme leader; Gen. al-Sisi, Egypt’s new defense minister; Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan; Saudi Crown Prince Salman and Pakistan’s “nuclear physicist for hire” A.Q. Khan — are all aspirants to the exclusive nuclear weapons club — and engaged in various stages of building many more such devices. 
As for Barack Obama — he just wants to get rid of all nuclear weapons — starting with ours.

To many Americans, that sounds a lot like an invitation to disaster. To Global Zero, an international movement dedicated to the elimination of all nuclear weapons, that sounds like a great idea. Barack Obama says, “Global Zero will always have a partner in me and my administration.” And he’s not just talking the talk; he’s walking the walk.

This is the president who showed us how to “lead from behind” on the “responsibility to protect” Libyan civilians from the depredations of a tinhorn despot such as Moammar Gadhafi. But when it comes to exposing American citizens to the horrific threat of being incinerated by incoming nuclear weapons — he’s out in front.

It all started with a Nobel Peace Prize and the infamous Russian “reset button.”  In September 2009, in a blatant effort to show how committed he is to nuclear nonproliferation, Obama abruptly cancelled plans to deploy ballistic missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic.  A month later, the Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway, voted to give him the 2009 Peace Prize.  It all went downhill from there.

To show the world that he was worthy of the honor, our Nobel laureate rushed into negotiations with Russia on a new strategic arms reduction treaty.  Obama and Russia’s then-president Dmitry Medvedev closed the deal on April 8, 2010 — cutting the U.S. nuclear arsenal in half — from roughly 3,000 to less than 1,700 warheads.  Then, on Dec. 22, in haste to adjourn for Christmas recess, and despite warnings from patriots such as South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, the Senate recklessly ratified the treaty. By Feb. 2, 2011, when the president inked the New START Treaty — that’s what he calls it — the treaty’s pro-Moscow bias was evident.  

To avoid embarrassing questions about damage to our national security, Obama banned the press from the Oval Office signing ceremony.

Unfortunately, the one-sided U.S.-Russia START agreement is just the tip of the iceberg. 

In arguing for senate ratification of START, Obama promised to immediately begin modernizing the remaining inventory of U.S. nuclear weapons and taking steps to preserve our nuclear triad: land-based ICBMs, strategic bombers and ballistic missile submarines.  He lied.

The warhead modernization program is all but defunct.  Most of our geriatric ICBMs are over 40 years old; our submarine-launched ballistic missiles are a quarter-century old; and some of the aircraft designated to respond to a nuclear attack on the U.S., with weapons in kind, are twice as old as the 30-year-old pilots flying them.  The rest of the world — Russia included — is rushing to design and build modern equivalents for all these systems.  The O-Team isn’t.

Degrading the U.S. offensive nuclear capability and its deterrent factor is bad enough, but the Obama administration’s unilateral disarmament plan goes even further — by eliminating defensive systems to protect our homeland and the American people.  They have already killed three promising airborne and space-based missile defense programs and drastically reduced the number of U.S.-based interceptors.

When I was at the Naval Academy, I was a boxer.  What Obama has done is tantamount to sending a boxer into the ring against seven opponents, with his hands shackled around his waist.  He can’t throw a punch.  He can’t even put up his hands to defend himself.

Worse, we don’t know what else is secretly “on the table” in this effort to gut America’s defenses.  Reporters covering the presidential campaign ask about every conceivable issue but pose no questions about what Obama meant last March when he was overheard begging Medvedev to ask Putin for more “space” until after the election, when he would have “more flexibility.”  Since then, the O-Team has shrugged off Russian bombers inadvertently penetrating U.S. airspace and a Russian sub trolling around in the Gulf of Mexico.

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, described Obama administration plans to make further cuts in our nuclear deterrence as “reckless lunacy.”  

So, too, is rehiring a commander in chief hellbent on unilateral disarmament.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Social Security Administration Explains Plan to Buy 174,000 Hollow-Point Bullets

(CNSNews.com - By Penny Starr) – Aug 16, 2012 

 The Social Security Administration posted a blog on Thursday to explain why it was planning to purchase 174,000 hollow point bullets. SSA posted a "Request for Quote for Ammunition" on the FedBizOps.gov website on Aug. 7. 

The request listed the commodity that SSA desired as ".357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition." The quantity listed was "174 TH." 

The SSA’s Office of the Inspector General’s said it posted a new blog on the agency’s website, “Beyond the Numbers,” “as we strive to be a transparent and accountable government organization for all of our stakeholders. 

“With those goals in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to address recent media reports regarding the organization’s purchase of ammunition for our special agents’ duty weapons,” the blog post states. The blog states that the SSA has 295 special agents who work in 66 offices across the United States. 

 “These investigators have full law enforcement authority, including executing search warrants and making arrests,” the blog post states. “Our investigators are similar to your State or local police officers. 

 “They use traditional investigative techniques, and they are armed when on official duty,” the blog post states. Concern expressed in some media reports about the type of ammunition ordered by the agency is unfounded, the blog states, explaining that the .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacked hollow point pistol ammunition is “standard issue for many law enforcement agencies” and is appropriate for the work agents perform. 

 “Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately,” the blog post states. “They not only investigate allegations of Social Security fraud, but they also are called to respond to threats against Social Security offices, employees, and customers.” 

 The blog also links to another post about a fight that broke out near an SSA office in Massachusetts that required action by law enforcement officials. “SSA is processing more applications than ever, which means more traffic in SSA office,” the blog states. “Employee and visitor safety is the highest priority for OIG, which, together with the Federal Protective Services and local law enforcement, has jurisdiction over SSA workplaces.” 

 Prior to the blog being posted, CNSNews.com had asked the agency specific questions about its ammunition order. Although some of those questions were addressed by the information provided in the blog, the agency did not say why it needed 174,000 bullets and if that quantity was customary or had increased from previous orders.

First comment on the web site: 
 BY:  edinflorida • 8 hours ago 

 "I have been in law enforcement for 37 years. I have worked with federal agents for years. 
The Drug Enforcement Administration Agents (DEA), US ICE Agents, FBI Agents, and etc. Each of these agencies has always purchased their own ammo. 

So, why now is it necessary for agencies that really have no law enforcement responsibilities, like Social Security, Department of Agriculture, DHS, TSA and etc. buying such vast quantities of ammo? 

The reasons given here by the Social Security Administration for buying ammo are ridiculous. These reasons given alone causes me grave concern because the reasons are lame at best. So, why the ammo purchases? This is worrying the hell out of me because I fear these purchases are cynical in nature. 

I believe the persons responsible for these purchases are really from the Obama Administration. Remember when Obama was elected he stated that he wanted a civilian army just as well equipped and well trained as the US Military. 

Just know that this is what Hitler did when he armed his Brown Shirts. The Brown Shirts were used to terrorize and intimidate German Citizens who spoke out against Hitler. These agencies are buying much more ammo than is customarily purchased by our established federal law enforcement agencies. 
Don’t ignore this because something sinister is taking place."

Sounds like Ed knows what he's talking about...
Why is the government buying so many bullets all of a sudden?
My advice to you folks?  
Stay alert, and BUY MORE AMMO!