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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

OK, Mr Blair... Are You Going To Do Anything?

Day 6 and counting.
I can't believe that the British have done nothing to retrieve their sailors from the outlaw regime of Iran! The Brits need to get "geared up" soon if the expect to have their sailors home by Christmas!

These Iranian dogs will do anything they like, anywhere they can, and to anybody they choose. They have no concept of loyalty to the Geneva Convention. They have no understanding of The Rule of Law. They have no other reason to exist than to shake their fist at the West and say, See, you cannot rule us!

Since the West has threatened their insistence on having nuclear weapons, they will strike out in their evil, cowardly ways to gain leverage against that threat any way they can. That means supplying terrorists in Iraq. That means supporting terrorism in Lebanon. That means kidnapping Brits. I won't be surprised if they kidnap some Americans soon.

These weasels cannot be trusted to do anything but terrorize the world. That is all they know. Iranian history is full of terror acts, blood letting, treachery, deceit, theft and a penchant for twisting the truth to suit the current ruling gang of butchers.

Mr. Blair, you're going to need to do something soon. Get those people back home by hook or by crook before we are watching their bodies being dragged through Tehran.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Say It Ain't So... Joe's Out?

ESPN has fired Joe Theisman at Monday Night Football. Bad move.
He's to be replaced by "Jaws", Ron Jaworski to sit along side Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser. I don't know who's in charge of personell over there at ESPN, but they sure are mucking it up!

It's always a learning process when you cast a new show, and even though MNF has been around a long time, it's a "new show" for ESPN. (They took over the franchise when ABC went to Sunday night coverage of the NFL.) I feel they made a mis-step when they brought Tirico(a TV guy) as anchor and added Kornheiser(a writer guy) as the "color" commentator. Theisman was the only one in the booth that had any real world football experience. Word has it that ESPN wanted to "go in a different direction". Hell, anybody with eyes could see that the threesome wasn't working out. Rumor was that Kornheiser and Theisman didn't fit well together and ESPN liked Kornheiser better, so Joe is out. Go figure.

Joe will be sorely missed. I think they should have kept Joe and fired the other two guys. Tirico is flat and often dreary. Kornheiser seems to think his point of view is actually funny. Get real Tony.

Kornheiser's drivel works OK when he's with Michael Wilbon on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, but just OK. On his own, he's just another smart assed writer that thinks he knows TV, and thinks he has a wonderful sense of humor. He doesn't seem to realize that it's Wilbon who makes that show work.

I guess it's just another sign of the times - all the trusted and loved franchises of TV land are going by the wayside as new blood takes over programming and operations. One would think that this new blood would at least have a clue as to what us viewers like. Obviously they don't.

Another reason to get DirecTV and their NFL package, and bypass this train wreck altogether!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What the...

So let me get this straight. John Edwards and his wife call a press conference to say that he is not leaving the upcoming Presidential race or even suspending his efforts, because the wife has re-occuring cancer.
Is that about it?

So why the press conference? Why is the press conference being touted as a show of strength by Mr. and Mrs. Edwards? Why is he making a big deal out of his wife's illness - just to re-affirm his candidacy? So it's all about him - not her?

Oh - I get it. It's a political stunt! My god, is nothing sacred anymore?! This doofus and his sick wife would rather embark on a most futile effort to gain the White House instead of circling the wagons around the ill woman and give her all the support she may require? It must be a sign of the times - politicians will do almost anything, even sacrifice their wife's privacy, mental and physical health to gain public office.

Gee... I wish I were a politician. This tactic would have given me a great excuse to put all my loved ones at risk just for my personal gain!

Michael Savage is right! Liberalism IS a mental disorder!

Monday, March 19, 2007

2008 Race...Who?

Ok. It’s a year and a half away, but what do you think about the 2008 election? Do you have any ideas about who may win? Is there anybody that you can think of that may be considered a “dark horse”? Does Hillary have a chance? Who will the Republican candidate be?

Just for fun, I’m listing all the people I can think of that may run for the office of President, (party affiliation isn’t important for this) and I’m going to list them along with their chances of winning, as I see it. If you want to add anyone just post it. Here goes –

Hillary Clinton ……….. 25%
Barak Obama ……….. 10%
John Edwards ………… 5%
Joe Biden ……………...…10%
Jerry Brown ................ 2%

John Kerry .................. 2%
Al Gore ....................... 1%
Bill Richardson ............ 2%
Wesley Clark ................ 2%
Dennis Kuchinich ........ 2%
Mike Huckabee ...........2%

Chris Dodd .................. 2%
Mike Gravel ................ 2%
John Cox ..................... 2%
Sam Brownback .......... 10%
Duncan Hunter ........... 2%
Condi Rice ................... 20%
Colin Powell ................ 20%
Rudi Giuliani …………..40%
John McCain …………. 45%
Mitt Romney ………….. 30%
Fred Thompson ……….60%
Pat Robertson..............2%

..... any more?

View the latest INet frizz about the Hillary/Obama love affair:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gun Control Law Overturned

I don’t know if you have heard this, but a federal appeals court has recently overturned a 31 year old law that prohibited the ownership of a firearm in the District Of Columbia. The following came from a notice sent out by the National Shooting Sports Foundation on March 12, 2007 -
'Watershed Moment for Second Amendment'
COURT: D.C. GUN BAN VIOLATES INDIVIDUAL'S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS . . . Washington, D.C.'s 31-year-old ban on handguns in the home
is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. "We conclude that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms," the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in its 58-page ruling. The court also rejected the argument that the Second Amendment does not apply to the District of Columbia because it is not a state and rejected the law's requirement that gun owners keep firearms disassembled or use trigger locks, making them non-functional. Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel, called the ruling "a watershed moment for the Second Amendment." Read the ruling.

This can be considered a victory for our side in the war against the anti-gun people. I hope it sends them a message as well - Don’t Tread On The 2nd Amendment!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Give it a rest!

Welcome to my blog.

I’m hoping this will be the beginning of a great adventure.
Time will tell won’t it?

Anyway, the first thing on my mind is the remorse I feel for all Americans.
I have just lived through the saddest six years of my life.

I’ve been on this old rock a long time and I can never remember a sitting president being so vilified. First it was Al Gore, then the late night talk shows, then the liberal media, and now it’s turned into sport. The liberal establishment wants to impeach the President just because he’s the President! To substantiate their cause they have cited every notion one can imagine! He stole two elections. He’s inarticulate. He’s not Presidential “timber”. He chose that “crook” Cheney as his VP. He lied to us about WMD.

It seems that a new item is added to the list every day!

Well, I’ve had enough. This is my country too and I’m going to try my best to shout down the radical left and all it’s irreverent criticism of the President of The United States.

OK. You don’t like the guy. So roll up your sleeves and get out the vote for your guy. And, you you better understand that your guy needs to have a plan to do it better or he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of gaining the office.

Work your tail off to defeat the Republicans, but don’t wallow in the mud and show your ass to the rest of the world.

This “anti” behavior has severely damaged our country’s reputation overseas and continues to drag through the mud any attempt to feel good about the work our troops are doing to defeat terrorism. What’s your point? Is it that you just hate George Bush? Or that you lost two elections because you had “losers” as candidates? Or do you have some special esoteric reason?
Grow up and Get Over It!

I realize that this criticism is sort of old news, but for me it’s still timely. I keep hearing it every day. It’s in every TV news and talk program and on every radio news and talk station. Our Commander In Chief is under attack by his own people! It’s an appalling situation and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

I really don’t think the liberal left understands the stakes of the game we’re all playing. Certainly not. For if they did, they would not risk the chance of losing the fight just to scream and shriek anti-war slogans and wear anti-Bush t-shirts. No they certainly do not realize the stakes.

For if they did, they would know that we’re in a war with a huge gang of Radical Muslims and they will stop at nothing to kill us all. They want to convert or kill all infidels. That means all the liberal lefties, all the anti-war zealots, and all the screamers will die or convert. Don’t be fooled into thinking the conservatives will escape their wrath either. That’s right, that means you! Convert to Islam or die!

That’s why this vilification of Mr. Bush has to stop. We’re going to need every weapon we have at our disposal to defeat these dogs. Mr. Bush needs our total support to fight this jihad with these mad jackals. They won’t stop until they’re either sitting in the White House or sitting upon their satin pillows cavorting with their 23 virgins!