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Thursday, March 22, 2007

What the...

So let me get this straight. John Edwards and his wife call a press conference to say that he is not leaving the upcoming Presidential race or even suspending his efforts, because the wife has re-occuring cancer.
Is that about it?

So why the press conference? Why is the press conference being touted as a show of strength by Mr. and Mrs. Edwards? Why is he making a big deal out of his wife's illness - just to re-affirm his candidacy? So it's all about him - not her?

Oh - I get it. It's a political stunt! My god, is nothing sacred anymore?! This doofus and his sick wife would rather embark on a most futile effort to gain the White House instead of circling the wagons around the ill woman and give her all the support she may require? It must be a sign of the times - politicians will do almost anything, even sacrifice their wife's privacy, mental and physical health to gain public office.

Gee... I wish I were a politician. This tactic would have given me a great excuse to put all my loved ones at risk just for my personal gain!

Michael Savage is right! Liberalism IS a mental disorder!

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