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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The News From San Fran-Sicko...

I doubt if many in America have heard what has been going on out in San Francisco, but we all should pay attention.

It seems that the SF Board of Stupidvisors has seen fit to submit an official "condemnation" of Michael Savage for using what they term as hate speech. In a July 5 broadcast Savage responded to an article that protestors were going to fast to protest immigration poilcies. The response was something like, "let them all starve to death, then the problem will solve itself."

The Board needed a unanimous vote to adopt the resolution, but one desenting member killed the deal. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=57170

It continues to amaze me that people in San Francisco can act in the most ridiculous, the most outrageous and now the most Un-American manner.

Once SF was a haven for the outcasts of society, but that was back when it was know as the "Barbary Coast". In the 20th Century SF had taken on a rather luxurious glow in the wake of railroad tycoons and banking giants and had even become respectable as a hard working, blue collar town. The city had a motto of "Can Do" well earned after WW2.

But then the "beat generation" of the 50s and the hippies of the 60s happened. San Francisco started to regain it's "old glory" of being home to the "fruits and nuts" of America.

When I lived there, the town was still a vibrant mix of working class, professionals, and kooks. In the 70s things changed for the worse. The liberal element and the gay element became a very strong force in local government and the climate suddenly became very uncomfortable for working stiffs like me. Many of us moved north to little towns like Novato and Healdsburg. Many of us just left California. I remember thinking at the time, that since AIDS was discovered, everything changed in SF. I no longer felt welcome in my own city.

I have visited several times and each time I die a little. It's so sad to see that jewel by the bay being run by liberal, anti-, anti-, anti-, snobs that believe they have the secrets to living correctly.

Now they're after Savage. They stand so proudly for their right to be gay and their right to be liberal and their right to be independent, but now we see their true face.

They really want to cause harm to Michael! Someone has published the address of his private residence and the mob has seen fit to parade around his house!

They are vile and venomous individuals. According to the above article they have also slandered Savage and if that is proven in a court of law, I hope they burn for it.

San Francisco, you are a mere shadow of your former self.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poker Anyone?

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky ...
Will It Ever Stop?!

These liberal democrats just don’t have anything else to say do they?
It’s either George Bush’s fault, Dick Cheney’s fault, or Alberto Gonzales's fault!
But, it’s always bad! This is really getting old.

I would hope that the Democratic Party was above name calling and finger pointing, but it is not to be. They’re sliding further down the slippery slope to oblivion! Soon they will cease to exist as we have known them. They will become the Liberal Party or the Progressive Party or some other version of communism. It’s happening right before our eyes!

Now it’s the economy!
It’s going to hell in a hand basket if you believe the liberals.
You see it’s all about bad credit. Too much bad credit.
And, of course it’s all George Bush’s fault!

As I’ve said before, I believe this irrational view of the real estate market has been propagated by the liberal media. They just can’t stand prosperity. As early as 2000, I was hearing about the “real estate bubble”. It wasn’t just a West Coast thing. It was happening everywhere and people didn’t know what to make of it. Prices were climbing at astronomical rates. In some markets as much as 25% per month! What was causing this phenomena?

The short answer is, the usual suspects, Supply and Demand. Market forces combined to create a very vibrant environment for growth. We were seeing 100,000 new Californians every month! Builders couldn’t build homes fast enough so what inventory we had became very valuable, almost overnight!

Homes that sold for $150,000 in 1999 were selling for $230,000 just a year later!
For the first time, young buyers had easy to get money at their disposal.

90%, 100%, and in some cases even 110% financing was available to first time home buyers!

It was an unbelievable time for real estate professionals. Many of us had never seen such a market! I doubt we will see such a market again. But it was understandable. There simply wasn’t enough good, suitable housing to go around. People wanted NEW! They weren’t going to settle for a thirty year old house that needed lots of repairs, and they didn’t have to. The new homes were available and they were easy to purchase.

Now, the media is crying that the sub-prime mortgage markets are failing. They say the mortgage industry is a bunch of predators that preyed on unsuspecting home buyers. They say that if Uncle Sam doesn’t bail them out the failing markets will affect our entire economy and we will all suffer.
That’s a bunch of BULL!

First, let’s consider the facts. Less than 2% of the sub-prime mortgages are in arrears. That means 98% of the so called sub-prime mortgages are being paid on time! That’s hardly a sign of a failing market!

But, yes it is true that some investors exploited the “easy to get capital game” and took some terrific risks. But isn’t that the Capitalist Way?

With risk comes reward, and sometimes, failure.
If the lenders over extended themselves then they will have to pay the price. If the borrowers have over extended themselves, then they will have a price to pay as well.

The lenders were gambling that the market would continue to grow as it had for the last several years and the borrowers gambled that their home’s value would continue to increase at the 20% per month rate. These people were playing high stakes poker with their house as the chip!

It is not the role of government to bail out these poor poker players!

The role of the government is to protect me and my money, to protect you and your money.

Not to give some of my money to those that took a bad risk!
Not to give some of your money to help a failing institution, that made some very bad decisions, to stay afloat.

This isn’t like the Savings and Loan fiasco of the ’80s. This is simply greed at work. Many of these home owners shouldn’t have been in this poker game to start with. It was only through the availability of “cheap money” that they could even afford the anti.
Many bought houses with only $1000 as a down payment!

They made a terrible call in a very high stakes poker game!
Now they’re going to lose their home because they have max’ed out their credit cards and their adjustable rate loan just went from 4% to 9%. And it may go higher. These sub-prime lenders can adjust rates till the cows come home if they want. But they know they can only go so far and then all is lost.
Suddenly the borrower cannot pay the freight and the lender has to foreclose.
The game is over.

But, the government should not interfere with this process. Let the affected parties fail. That is how societies sort things out. The good things survive and the bad things go away.
The cream comes to the top, as they say.

But of course, the liberals are crying foul. They say it’s all George Bush’s fault. He’s too distracted by the Iraq war to solve this kind of “crisis”. He hasn't been paying attention to domestic affairs.

Mrs. Bill Clinton says we should bail them out. It’s our duty to bail them out.
Others in congress say that we spend billions of dollars for the war in Iraq, why not stop spending for the war and divert the same money to the economy?

These people never quit. I sometimes think that they stay up late every night just to create new ways to blame our President for some new ailment of the country. But, my feeling is that all this is related to the hue and cry over the 2000 election and all things related to George Bush ever since.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that Mr. Soros is behind all of this. It stinks of manipulation on a grand scale and that is his forte’. He enjoys watching people cringe and wring their hands in worry. I can easily envision Mr. Soros sitting behind his desk with several monitors watching his handiwork play-out over at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Move-On.Org. I’m sure he has spent millions to create an atmosphere of mistrust and panic with the hopes of cornering the US Dollar just like he did with the British Pound.
I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

But the sky is not falling! We are not going to lose everything! Our economy is strong and vibrant. Everyone who wants to work has a job. The only industries that are in trouble are the industries that have failed to plan for the future and have taken enormous risk at the wrong time.

My advice is to not listen to the rumor mongers. Do your own research. Stop reading the liberal newspapers and get some real information about our economy and see for yourself how the markets are fairing. From my vantage, the future looks pretty good. I think real estate will continue to appreciate and investors will learn from their mistakes.

Live your life and be kind to your children. Smile everyday. Save a buck when you can, but go ahead a get that new TV.
And remember one important thing ...

Not everyone has the skills to play high stakes poker!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A conservative? Me? You Betcha!

A few days ago a friend and I were discussing the possible choices we had in the upcoming 2008 election. We compared conservative leaning candidates and liberal leaning candidates. Then, he happened to ask me if I had always been a conservative.
It sort of caught me offgard and I had to stop and think about it for a few minutes.

As I pondered the question, I thought that it had to be during the Iran/Contra affair that I stopped being liberal and started leaning right. But afterward, as I considered my answer, I realized that I had been a conservative for much longer than that.

I guess it all started with my Dad. He was ultra right-wing conservative from the get go. That’s all I heard growing up. I didn’t think much about politics though, and then Dad and I had a falling out over something silly, (I think it was about him not believing me when I told him the truth about some vandalism that had occurred. He assumed it was me and my friends, but I defended myself and said it certainly was not! It became a serious split). Anyway it was there that I started to become anti-Dad. Anything he believed in, well... I was going in the other direction as fast as I could run. I didn’t necessarily believe that I was a liberal thinker, I was just anti anything he stood for. What a stupid kid I was.

I went away to college and still didn’t think much about politics at all. Then JFK was shot. We were all very confused. Riots spread throughout the country over civil rights and people were taking sides. Politics was the only thing people talked about. Were you against civil rights? Or were you for civil liberties? It seemed obvious to me that the black man had a genuine gripe, but I still didn’t care very much about it one way or the other.

I still had my head in the sand because of my rift with Dad.

As I watched all the craziness in the world around me, music became a constant distraction. Of course I grew up with Rock ‘n Roll and knew almost every song on the radio, but I started to hear an alternative style of music. I found that the protest movement had a voice and it began to stir some hidden feelings in me. I began to listen to Gil Scott Heron and Bob Marley talk about life, freedom and the world as they saw it.

I knew who “The Man” was and he didn’t look very friendly to me at all, so I championed a liberal view to be “hip” and “cool” and tried to fit in with the “right crowd”.
I was becoming political!

President Johnson didn’t impress me very much at the time and when he decided to not run for re-election, the ‘68 election became a complete zoo. Not my style at all, I was more of a free thinker about political philosophy and I found flaws with much of the “right crowd’s” liberal point of view. In the early ’70s, I was beginning to like what Nixon was doing in the world, but then he changed all that with his shenanigans over at Watergate. Now, I was just mad. I felt totally betrayed, as many of us did at the time. I remember thinking, “you can’t trust any of these hooligan politicians!”

I was so depressed from a failed marriage and all this political unrest around me that I decided to take a break from life – I just dropped out. I went sailing and tried to clear my head. I had a lot of personal stuff creating conflicting messages to my brain and needed to work all this stuff out! Looking back on that time I can see that I was indeed lost and needed some direction...
ANY direction!
But, politics were the furthest thing on my mind.

I began to voice an opinion again in the early ’80s when Mr. Reagan beat that weasel Carter.
I still can’t believe that this country elected that peanut farmer!
It wasn’t that I liked or voted for Reagan, or “Ronnie RayGun” as Gill Scott used to call him, but more that I was fascinated that we had elected an “actor" to be President! I was flabbergasted! So I watched his progress with a wary eye and wondered when he would fail. I knew the mask had to come off sometime!

Then, during Iran/Contra I witnessed Ollie North fall on his sword for the man. What was it that Ollie saw that I didn’t see in Reagan? I kept looking.

At the same time I was starting a new business and was feeling the everyday pressures of entrepreneurship and wondered why my taxes were so high? I started reading the financial page and listened to any news from Wall Street. Suddenly I saw much of the media coverage of news events as a sort of circus instead of hard reporting of the facts that I had been used to. Then it dawned on me...the entertainment business was taking over the news business and I was watching it happen!

And just as suddenly, a ligntning bolt from the blue… I realized that I was a conservative and didn’t even know it!

How did this happen?
Yes, I believed in Mom, apple pie and The Flag, but I thought everyone did? Didn’t they?
You didn’t have to be a conservative or a liberal to be an American.
You just believed in America! Didn’t you?

How wrong I was!

It became painfully obvious that not everyone believed in The Flag!

Some were ready and willing to defile it, and some would even burn it on the courthouse steps!
My blood was boiling!
And, there was ol’ Ollie North sitting before Congress testifying about a bad thing he had done. I wondered, just what did Ollie do to rankle all these powerful people?
They said he sold guns and gave the money to the rebel anti-communists... He did what?
I was beginning to open my eyes at last! I remember thinking, my god… I had been asleep a very long time!

I was going to need to make a few changes in the way I did things!

I registered to vote again. This time I registered as a Republican. Before, I had always written “independent”. I remember thinking, what a joke! Independent my foot! Hell, you’re either for ‘em or against ‘em.
There’s no in-between!

I began to read more newspapers every day. In fact I consciously discarded the newspapers that were slanted to the “left”, and often said to my friends “that rag is a liberal commie-pinko newspaper! They're spreading Anti-American propaganda!"

These words were actually coming out of my mouth. The same mouth that sang along with Gil Scott Heron! I was again shocked, but this time, at myself!
Yes, I was a conservative. And proud of it!

I re-joined the NRA. I forget why I ever dropped out, now? I always enjoyed sport shooting and the outdoors. I certainly understand why some people say they “love the smell of casite in the morning”! Gunpowder and cleaning fluid can be very addictive!

Now, I only listen to conservative media. I prefer Michael Savage for his “take no prisoners” approach to conservative issues. Glenn Beck makes a lot of sense. Of course Rush is now a daily listen because of his outlandish style and wit, not to mention that he is right most of the time about how liberals can’t seem to get out of their own way! Some others rate an occasional listen but those three are my “usual”.

I think one needs to stand and be counted about his beliefs. And, I think conservative media is giving people like me a good “sign post” on the political road map of life.

Many conservatives take the position of not showing up at the polls to “teach them a lesson”. Well, being part of the “silent majority” just means that you’re being ignored. That needs to change.

Grass roots conservatives must become more active in national politics and more vocal about what they believe in. We must be heard over the din of liberal prattle or we don’t count at all!

Michael Savage has it right, “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder!”

We simply cannot allow the country to be guided by these wimpy, tree hugging, politically correct weasels any longer!
The Feminization of America has to stop!
We need strong leaders to fight against this global threat of radical Islamic terrorism!

The Islamo-Fascists must be stopped or they will destroy us and all we believe in! Only strong-willed leaders can accomplish this and only strong-willed leaders can convince the rest of the world to follow.

I say to you, America, we must stop this bickering amongst ourselves… we must stop this constant snapping at the heels of our President… we must stand together to defend our way of life!

Liberals believe that help will arrive from some distant government outpost. Conservatives know the only help we can expect is our neighbor standing behind us ready with a freshly re-loaded rifle!

Yes, I am a Conservative. I’m just surprised it took me so long to realize it!