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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


So Tony... what's it been - 15 days?
Are you going to do something or just sit there?
This evil dog and his conniving mullah's have somehow backed you into a corner haven't they?
They release the "sailors" and they win. They keep the "sailors" and they still win. They kill the "sailors" and they win again! You just don't seem to get it do you Mr. Blair?!

Unless YOU do something you will lose! These Persians have been at this game for 5000 years! It's what they do! Not only do they do it well, it's ALL they do! Lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, connive, cajole, trick, and, did I mention LIE?!

And, by the way, do these individual British "sailors" deserve the title? They seem more like lambs or wimps or cowards to me. The British sailors of years gone by are spinning in their collective grave over this cowardice! Why didn't they resist? Ohhh... they had orders you say. Orders to not engage any Iranian craft? Then what the hell were they doing so close to Iranian waters in the first place? Didn't anyone use the computer war program at 10 Downing to simulate this event? I guess not.

What a bunch of weasels the British have become. I have several Brit friends, and if I ever hear any of them say or sing "Britiana Rules The Waves", I'm gonna slug them in the mouth!

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