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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Mad As Hell...

I know, I know... I shouldn't say these things about people I really don't know, but I'm really mad.

I’m getting REAL mad.

Mad about the way people are behaving toward each other.
Mad about what people are saying about our country.
Mad about how people are blaming everybody else for their own bad situation.
Mad about how the media keeps blaming President Bush for all of America’s problems.
Mad that nobody has the courage to stand up and tell the truth about all of this!
Mad that Americans will not admit that THEY caused this mess!

That’s right! You heard me! It’s YOUR fault!
It’s not President Bush’s problem!
It’s not my problem.
It’s YOUR problem!

OK, now let’s get this straight. Let's go back to the beginning...
George Bush won the 2000 election.

The Democrats contested the election and to this day, here in 2008, are still very upset that they lost.

George Bush was advised by nearly everyone on the planet that Saddam had WMDs and decided to invade Iraq to put him out of business.

Nothing would have been made of the event had the Democrats not been so pissed off about 2000!

They jumped at the opportunity to raise doubts about The President’s decision, and then many went on record as having been against the invasion.

Let’s see, they were for it before they were against it?
Is that correct? You DO remember that don’t you?

So, now every Democrat worth his salt, and even some that aren’t worth much at all, was screaming bloody murder at George Bush and criticizing everything he did here at home and abroad.

Every piece of legislation he proposed got shot down because of the gathering storm of protest against his policies.

Even Republicans were reluctant to back their own President because of the outcry from the left, and the misinformation from their favorite pets, the MainStream Media.

And, you believed it all!

You didn’t pay attention to anything Mr. Bush was doing, you just listened to the evening news and the liberal talking points and automatically trusted their information as being truthful.
You drank the Kool-Aid… were sucked in, hook, line and sinker!

You believed everything the media fed you.

You thought, this is CBS! This is NBC! This is ABC! They wouldn’t lie about something like this! They must be telling the truth!

Now, maybe you know better. At least you should know better!

The media has been in the pocket of big liberal money for a long, long time.

Remember Dan Rather’s invented story about Mr. Bush in 2004? The media will invent what ever they want, when ever they want, to influence you and your opinion.

The days of trusted journalism have been gone for a very long time, and don't count on them returning.

The last time I personally trusted any news organization was before the Iran-Contra hearings. They botched that up pretty good. For me, that was the end! The media abused my trust and told a frightening tale of woe that simply wasn’t true.

But this current so-called crisis is purely an invented one.
Invented by the media.

They keep telling you what to feel and how to act, and you just go along with the crowd!

Have you forgotten when the media was saying that the real estate bubble would surely burst? I wondered why they were saying such a thing?

Real estate has always been cyclical. So what’s the big deal?

Why would the news organizations stand on the street corner and yell that the market was going to collapse if they didn’t wish it were so?

The media constantly preached doom and gloom because they knew it could be blamed on George Bush - THAT'S WHY!

The media was culpable in the collapse because people like you began to believe their drivel, and once you and your friends began to talk about a real estate 'bust', everybody began to experience fear and loathing about the housing market.

Until then, even the shaky loans that were made stood a very good chance of being paid off, but, with the atmosphere of fear being so prevalent, folks got really scared and just decided to bail out.

They lost confidence in themselves, lost confidence in Mr. Bush, and lost confidence in America.

This lack of confidence is what has caused the divisiveness in Congress, the criticism of President Bush, the credit crunch, the stock market slump and the entire nation being in a state of trembling fear!

You listened to the media with great interest.
You trusted their input as gospel.

You began to parrot the lines you heard on the 6 o’clock news.
You talked around the water cooler about how goofy The President was and ‘how bad’ the economy was.

You chided The President for starting an illegal war.
You said The President lied and soldiers died.
You said there were no WMDs!

Yes you did… Admit it.
You did say those things.

And now, even though you realize you were wrong about most of it, you can’t take it back. It’s to late. Waaaaay too late!

So, here we are about to choose a President and the reasons you cite for choosing Mr. Obama are tied directly to Mr. Bush. You say you cannot have 4 more years of the Bush Presidency and that is what you’ll get with John McCain.

Can you understand how lame that argument is?
Mr. Bush didn’t do anything to hurt you!

You were lied to, and sold a bill of goods by the media and you weren't even aware of it!
You’ve been weaseled!
You’ve been hoodwinked!
You’ve been bamboozled!

Your laziness and lack of courage has caused this country to be on the brink of disaster!
We may elect a died-in-the-wool socialist as our next President!

I sure hope you can muster up the courage to look at yourself in the mirror next week after the winner is announced. Either way it goes, you will have caused this country a great deal of pain.

Your lack of courage, your lack of conviction, your lack of confidence in Mr. Bush and in our way of government has caused this mess.

That’s right, YOU! You caused this!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

But you still have time to WAKE UP AMERICA!
We're AT WAR!
This is no time to experiment with a NEWBIE!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Heritage Foundation Calls on Obama to Pull False Ads

Here is the letter their lawyer wrote to the Obama campaign...

The Heritage Foundation today asked Barack Obama to immediately pull two ads that misrepresent the views of Heritage’s Rea Hederman.

The campaign has released a 30-second TV ad with false information and repeats it on the campaign website.

The following letter was sent by Heritage lawyer Alan P. Dye to the Obama campaign.

Dear Senator Obama:
Two recent campaign advertisements seriously misrepresent the views of my client, The Heritage Foundation. They suggest, quite falsely, that The Heritage Foundation and one of its analysts support your tax plan.

The print ad on your
Website as well as your ad entitled Try This reference a quote from policy analyst Rea Hederman. In fact, Mr. Hederman never said what is quoted there.

Rather, the words you quote are from a
New York Sun reporter who interviewed Mr. Hederman and summarized his views erroneously.

That the reporter’s summary is erroneous is evident from the actual quotes from Mr. Hederman presented in the article, which make it quite clear that Mr. Hederman believes your tax plan would be bad not only for the country, but for the middle class.

By omitting the direct quotes from Heritage that are contained in the article and attributing to Heritage a conflicting statement not made by its analyst, the advertisement appears to be an intentional attempt to mislead.

Surely there can be no doubt within your campaign as to how Heritage truly views your tax plan.

When one of your economic advisers, Jeffrey Liebman, made this same misrepresentation in a September 4, 2008
letter to The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Hederman promptly sent a corrective and very public letter.

It appeared in the September 16 issue of The Wall Street Journal under the title:
A Bad Plan That Is Less Bad Is Still Not A Very Good Plan.”

In it, Mr. Hederman strenuously decried Mr. Liebman’s blatant misrepresentation and set the record straight.

The Heritage Foundation believes that your advertisements’ use of its name is not only not a fair use of its intellectual property, but is an intentional attempt to mislead and misinform voters.

As a responsible candidate, you should insist that your campaign cease to run these false advertisements immediately.

Very truly yours,Alan P. Dye
Obama does nothing to set the record straight, nothing to deny the allegations. Only false information, misleading ads, and a continued arrgance from the campaign.

One can only assume that lies are normal for Obama.
Liars must be everywhere on the Obama staff.

Why should we believe he will change if he's elected?

Watch What You Say!

There is something really creepy going on here... I watch the news, I listen to the news, I read the news. I come away with a thought or impression about a story I can write about for the blog... then I read the exact same story somewhere else! Damn!!!

Here it is again!

Monica Crowley wrote this story, but, I THOUGHT IT!

Watch What You Say
by Monica Crowley

In the early months after the September 11 attacks, Democrats began to complain that the Bush administration was muzzling them. They whined about not being able to criticize the administration's policies or risk being called "unpatriotic" or "undermining the war effort."

Of course, the Bush administration did no such thing.

There was legitimate concern that newspapers such as the New York Times were publishing national security secrets on the front page, thereby endangering our men and women on the battlefield and our broader national security.

But dissent was never discouraged or punished.
Unlike what the Obama Team is doing today.

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden blew a gasket when faced with tough questions from a local news anchor in Florida this weekend. Barbara West, of WFTV-Channel 9 in Orlando, asked Biden to comment on Obama's very revealing statement to Joe the Plumber that he'd like to "spread the wealth around." She quoted Karl Marx and asked if Obama's remark were, in fact, Marxist.

"Are you joking?" he asked.
"No," she retorted.

This reaction from a guy who just said paying more taxes is "patriotic" and that we all need to pay more to do "our part."

Later, West asked Biden if his recent comment about the "world" testing Obama within the first six months of his presidency meant that America would no longer be a superpower capable of deterring such a test.

Biden's reply? "I don't know who's writing your questions."

Here's the video from WFTV
(I posted the YouTube video of this story a few posts back. It has since been pulled down. I wonder why?)

Biden was so rattled by her questions that the Obama campaign canceled a scheduled interview between the station and Biden's wife Jill. "This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely at best, for the duration of the remaining days until the election," the campaign fumed. Ask a question, get frozen out.

Let's get this straight: Biden couldn't face down some tough questions from a local news reporter, but we're supposed to believe he'd be comfortable facing down Iran, Russia, and North Korea? And Biden is supposed to be the one on his ticket who's tough on foreign policy.

More importantly, this episode points to a very troubling pattern. Whenever confronted by difficult questions posed by people who haven't succumbed to the creepy Obama Hypnosis, the Obama Team’s reaction is to silence them. They did it to a Chicago radio station that dared to interview someone critical of Obama's past. They did it to Joe the Plumber, seeking to destroy him for daring to ask Obama a question about taxes. They are threatening to do it nationwide with the Fairness Doctrine.

You aren't allowed to raise Obama's middle name, Hussein.
You aren't allowed to say that half of his family is Muslim.

You aren't allowed to say that he was born to a Muslim father, which, under Islam, automatically made him a Muslim.

You aren't allowed to discuss Reverend Wright.
Or Bill Ayers. Or Bernardine Dohrn.
Or Louis Farrakhan. Or Father Phleger. Or Tony Rezko.

You aren't allowed to point out that so far, the Iranians, the Russians, the Syrians, Hamas, parts of al Qaeda, Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, and Kim Jong Il have endorsed him.

You aren't allowed to ask him about the vote fraud or illegal campaign contributions being done in his name.

You aren't allowed to say he's lying about his tax plan.
Or about his past associations. Or his past, period.

If you raise any of these issues, you risk being punished, smeared, and silenced.If this is the chill that has set in already, just imagine what it will be like once they take the White House.

Watch what you say. Or else.

That's exactly what I was thinking! The Obama campaign is doing anything to silence critics. This is just another example.

They blackballed, (then said they didn't) another TV news station for a similar tough interview of Biden.

They sent 'truth squads' to Illinois...
They sent an army of lawyers to Alaska to find dirt on Palin...
They used government computers to dig up dirt on Joe The Plumber...

This reminds me of The Nixon Days! Complete with Dirty Tricks and Truth Squads!

Is this what we are to expect if Obama wins the White House?
What a nasty human being!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's Favorite Preacher

Obama's Redistribution of Wealth Plan

Obama talks about how to take your money, and give it to the poor disadvantaged minorities in America.
Radio interview with Obama, from 2001...
Socialism at work!

The MainStream Media just will not let anybody criticise Obama!

Now they're saying that criticism of this " seven year old story", is lame and irresponsible and posted the retort from the Obama Campaign right away...

The Obama campaign immediately pushed back, arguing that the Right is deliberately misinterpreting a narrow legal argument Obama was making about decades-old court cases.

“This is a fake news controversy drummed up by the all too common alliance of Fox News, the Drudge Report and John McCain,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton. “In this seven year old interview, Senator Obama did not say that the courts should get into the business of redistributing wealth at all.”

I wonder why they aren't blaming George for this?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joe Biden Gets Grilled By TV Reporter!

WFTV-Channel 9's Barbara West conducted a satellite interview with Sen. Joe Biden on Thursday.
I'll post a link to the interview and the interview itself.
Link to WFTV

The Obama campaign isn't happy!
They have 'punished' the station by cancelling all future interviews!

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign, according to the Sentinel.

BAD reporter!
Don't ask important questions of 'the messiah' or his minions!
BAD reporter!

I'm sure the Obama outfit will start a smear campaign against the TV station and the reporter very soon. That's their way you know. If you don't agree with them, you're either a racist or a traitor to their cause.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

What Has Happened To Us?

I've been watching politics, the stock market, the general business climate and our foreign policy for more than 40 years. That doesn't make me an expert or anything, but it does give me a perspective that few Americans have.
Being old, does have some advantages.

In the past we have always had the traditions of give and take insults, mudslinging, dirty tricks, underhanded deals, sleazy behavior and downright lying, cheating and theft to accentuate our national political and business environment. We could nearly always predict the results. The fellow with the dirtiest campaign would be reviled and despised, but would usually win.

This political season is different. Very different.

In the past we relied on our national media to give us a generally honest opinion about what was really going on behind the scenes. We would read the national papers and watch the revered evening news programs to get our perspective on events because we trusted them. We never had any doubt that those organizations had our best interests at heart.

Those times are gone. Now, the major news outlets have allied themselves with liberal, big money. Their interests are dictated by profit.

Sure, they were always in business to make a buck, but this is different. They are being 'controlled' by 'big money'.
And this big money is George Soros.

This one man has enough money to dictate policy to the nations major news organizations. That's a very frightening thought.

But when you consider that Soros made billions by selling the British Pound short(betting against the Pound), you can start to understand how much power this man can bring to bear.
He nearly brought Britain to her knees.

Stop and think about this... Where did Barack Obama come up with the money to do the things he has done. He traveled around the world, met world leaders, studied at expensive schools...
How did he accomplish all that?
Visa? American Express? I really doubt it.

This guy has been groomed from very early on to be 'the savior', 'the messiah', 'the one' who will deliver our traditional American ideals into the hodgepodge of communal living...
In his words... 'building our economy from the bottom up'.

He has been groomed to lead America to Communism.
And by who? George Soros is my best guess.
(That's Soros, seated in the blue shirt)


OK. You say that's a wild idea and a crazy accusation. But, I think it's a very plausible proposition. Of course, finding proof is nearly impossible.

We can't even get to the details of Obama's connection to bomber Bill Ayers. It's been all very well covered up and disguised as normal business dealings. Soros is a very smart guy. He is nearly always working behind the scenes and stays out of the spotlight.
But, NEVER underestimate him.

But how has this happened to us... to Americans? We always thought we were invulnerable to such underhanded shenanigans. Our free market system and our Constitution had all those checks and balances to protect us. How could this have happened?

I've posted about it before, and I think it all started to come together for Soros when George Bush defeated Algore in 2000. That was a very bitter pill for Democrats. They are still in a rage about it.

But I believe that was when Soros put his plan into action.
His boy, Barack Hussein Obama was introduced to all the right people in Chicago back in the 90s, and he was saying all the right things to his power handlers and being appointed to all the right boards to learn how our system could be manipulated.

I don't believe that Obama was influenced by Wright and Ayers and Rezko. I believe they were working together all along.
They were brothers in arms, supported by Soros. They had a plan.

The September Attacks, the confusion and worry afterwards, then the pointed attacks on George Bush by the liberal left, the big stink raised by the left about the Iraq war, were all used by this gang to distract citizens from the real threat. 'The One', 'the messiah', his lord Barack Obama was slowly making his way to the top.

But it couldn't have happened without the unmitigated support of the mainstream media.

It's simple really.
Just ask yourself this question... How is Sarah Palin's $150K wardrobe more important than Obama's connection to Ayers? Or, more important than the truth about his place of birth? Or than the mis-statements by his running mate Joe Biden?

Everything Obama does, says or promises is taken at face value and assumed to be truthful... without ANY verification whatsoever.

But then, the Democrats send an army of lawyers and investigators to Alaska to find dirt on Sarah Palin!

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?
When have you heard of ANYONE being so reviled as Mrs. Palin has been, and ANYONE being so revered as Mr Obama has?

In my lifetime, I have NEVER witnessed such a blatant distortion of the truth by the media. I have never witnessed such an intense criticism of an innocent, decent, regular American as I have witnessed against Mrs. Palin? Have you?

Of course it all started with the Bush Bashing. When Mr. Bush chose to not respond to the idiotic accusations, they only got worse. Bully's came out of the wood work. Everyone wanted a piece of George Bush. Do you think that was normal behavior? I didn't then, and I don't now. I strongly believe it was orchestrated, and likely by George Soros.

Stop and think about it...
Obama's big deal is to connect John McCain to Mr. Bush. That's his only strength, if you can call that a strength.

Mr. Bush was systematically crucified to provide Obama with a 'reason' to emerge as the candidate of 'change'. That's why he defeated Hillary. He represented 'change' and Hillary was just more of the same, just like Mr. Bush. It was a very well orchestrated, very well manipulated, very well disguised ascension to power for Barack Hussein Obama.

One man alone could not make such a meteoric rise to power with a great deal of support. In the case of Obama, much of his past is intentionally obliterated, removed, distorted. That takes a heck of a lot of money and organization to pull that off. George Soros has that kind of money.
George Soros has that kind of power.


George Soros is buying America. His puppet is Barack Hussein Obama.
A puppet schooled in radical black liberation theology with Jerimiah Wright... Schooled in radical educational philosophy with Bill Ayers... Schooled in the subversive techniques of Marxism and Leninism by his radical wife and friends... Schooled in the dream of world domination by his Muslim roots.

Obama was the perfect choice for Soros. A man with his own dreams of greatness is easily swayed with money and the promise of world power.

I think Obama really believes that he IS 'The One'!
His ego is absolutely HUGE!


This election is not about race. It is not about Republican policies versus Democrat policies. It is not about the economy, nor the war, nor taxes, nor education, nor reformers versus change artists.

No. This election is about good versus evil.

Obama represents all that is bad in the world. McCain doesn't quite know how to deal with an abstract idea like that, and he's quite off balance. He has lost his bearing with this philosophical battle.

Give McCain a physical enemy and he will perform with great dignity and power. But with this kind of nebulous, ethereal enemy... Subversion, misdirection, subterfuge, innuendo and half truths... he is lost.

And, thank God for Sarah Palin! She can see the evil in all this. If McCain will listen to her council, he may pull this out. But he has to give her the freedom to be herself and say what's in her head.
He needs to trust her implicitly!
Let Sarah lead the way to victory!

But, it may be too late.
The ground swell of support by the faceless minions of the evil lord is extremely powerful. If we can survive the coming tsunami of the Obama machine, we may just get through this in spite of Soros' best efforts. If we aren't prepared, aren't well armed and well defended, we will be overwhelmed by the rush of mindless Obama-bots.

Think about going to the high ground. Think about stocking up on the things you may need... cash, water, food, ammunition. Get your life in order. Make out your will, write letters to everyone important to you, and prepare for the fight of your life.

Keep a copy of the Constitution in you pocket. Keep a flag close by.
If you own a weapon, make sure it is in good working order.
You may need to defend yourself just going to work!
Yeah, OK. You think I'm crazy... But mark my words...

If Obama wins, America loses...


God Bless America!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joe the Plumber - A Candid Citizen and Media Victim

I've been watching this 'Joe The Plumber' phenomenon the last few days and I'm simply appalled at what the Democrats are doing to this guy!

Ever since Obama knocked on his door and he questioned the obamination about his tax plan, the Dems have been after this guy like a pack of wolves!

Joe, said he hoped to take over the small plumbing business when his boss retired but that higher taxes would preclude his doing so.

Obama said he didn't want to punish Joe's success but he wanted to be sure the people behind Joe would not be hurt. Then he said something which has put him on the defensive. He said that when you spread the wealth around it is good for everyone.

Joe told Obama that sounded like "Socialism", and ever since, the Dems have been rooting through his life like hungry pigs at the trough!

Then McCain picks up on this travesty and trys to make hay of it, saying that Obama is trying to bury the 'little guy'.

He even has an ad running about 'Joe The Plumber'!

Joe has been wildly received by many.
But he's just a regular guy.

What the heck is going on here? When a guy can't ask questions about a candidates tax plan we're in really bad shape! Obama has the 'goon squad' working overtime on Joe The Plumber!

So now Joe(Joe Wurzelbacher), is lashing back! Good for him!

"The media's worried about whether I've paid my taxes, they're worried about any number of silly things that have nothing to do with America..."

Wurzelbacher said he felt terrible after reading some of the criticism of himself posted online.
"I felt about that small," he said. "I mean I really did."

"You know, when you can't ask a question of your leaders anymore, that gets scary," he said.

Damn right Joe! It's scary as hell!

But that's not the real problem here, Joe. Not at all!

Remember Obama says he's going to cut taxes on 95% of Americans! Just where in the hell is that money coming from and where is it going?

In his article, 'Searching for Obama's 95 Percent', Philip Klein points out that this mystical number is very elusive!

When he asked one of the Obama spinmeisters... a simple question aimed at clarifying whether Obama's tax plan was about cutting rates, or merely handing out government checks.
"What rates would actually go down"? I asked.

"Middle class people are going to see, systemically, their taxes reduced, and small businesses," Plouffe responded.

"But what rate would go down for lower-income Americans?"
I persisted, seeking more information.

"We'll have to get you the exact details on that," Obama's campaign manager told me.

I followed up, recapping the claim he had just made moments ago:
"Well, you said that there's going to be a tax cut on 95 percent, so what rate would go down?"

He replied, "I'll have to get you the exact rate differential."

Yeah, right! I'll get back to you on that! What a crock of bull!

Don't be fooled by this Marxist in 'community organizer' clothing! He's a RAT!
He's a Commie! He'll try to turn America upside down!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Is Too Radical!

Obama is simply far too radical to be President!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Yeah, Obama is 'pretty left wing'.

That's an understatement Tucker!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Louis Farrakhan Endorses Obama

Louis Farrakhan Calls Obama "The Messiah"

Imagine the media frenzy that would ensue if David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan endorsed John McCain for president.

Yet Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement of Barack Obama has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

Speaking to a convention of the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan not only declared his support for Obama, but also told his followers that Obama was the “Messiah.”

“You are the instruments that God is gonna use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth,” Farrakhan said. “And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn’t care anything about. That’s a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

Farrakhan compared Obama to Nation of Islam founder Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, whom Farrakhan says also had a white mother and black father.

“A black man with a white mother became a savior to us,” Farrakhan said. “A black man with a white mother could turn out to be one who can lift America from her fall.”

Incredibly, only Fox News and a few other news outlets have run Farrakhan’s endorsement. Farrakhan made the statement last February, but it only recently appeared on YouTube.

While Obama has no control over who endorses him, the nature of those who express affinity with him provides insight into who he is and what his agenda could be. Obama’s endorsers and supporters range from admitted terrorist William Ayers and Weatherman Underground leader Bernardine Dohrn to Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, the New Black Panthers, the New SDS, and a host of other radical organizations and individuals.

Among other things, the New Black Panthers favors releasing all blacks from jails throughout the world and giving blacks reparations for slavery. The group asserts that until that happens, blacks should be exempt from all taxes.

The media blackout on Obama’s associations goes back to last January, when Newsmax began running stories on his minister’s sermons and the fact that his church gave an award for lifetime achievement to Farrakhan. When the media finally began picking up the stories in mid-March, the primaries began favoring Hillary Clinton instead of Obama.

Farrakhan has called whites “blue-eyed devils” and the Antichrist. He has described Jews as “bloodsuckers” who control the government, the media, and some black organizations.

“Do you know some of these satanic Jews have taken over BET [the Black Entertainment Network]?” Farrakhan said in a speech on Nov. 11, 2007. “Everything that we built, they have.

The mind of Satan now is running the record industry, movie industry, and television. And they make us look like we’re the murderers; we look like we’re the gangsters, but we’re punk stuff.”

The month after that speech, Obama’s minister and friend, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. and his Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, honored Farrakhan at a gala, bestowing on him its Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer award.

Obama has said he found religion through Wright in the 1980s and consulted him before deciding to run for president. He prayed privately with Wright before announcing his candidacy last year.

In the November/December issue of his church’s magazine, Trumpet, Wright heaped praise on Farrakhan, whom he helped in organizing the Million Man March in Washington in 1995. Wright lauded Farrakhan as one of the giants of the African-American religious experience in the 20th and 21st centuries.

“When Minister Farrakhan speaks, black America listens,” Wright said. “His depth on analysis [sic] when it comes to the racial ills of this nation is astounding and eye opening. He brings a perspective that is helpful and honest.”

Hailing Farrakhan’s “integrity and honesty,” Wright said, “His love for Africa and African-American people has made him an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change, and a religious leader who is sincere about his faith and his purpose.”

When no one in the media was picking up Newsmax’s stories on Wright’s award to Farrakhan and his sermons saying America created the AIDS virus to kill off blacks, a reporter for one of the cable news networks told me that if she proposed running such a story, her network would accuse her of “bias against Obama.”

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of Newsmax.com.

Seve Update

Ballesteros has complication after brain surgery
- 10/16/2008
By Associated Press

MADRID, Spain – Five-time major champion Seve Ballesteros suffered a complication following surgery on a brain tumor, but is in stable condition, Madrid’s La Paz hospital said Thursday.

Doctors removed a piece of Ballesteros’ skull to relieve pressure that was building up on the brain following Tuesday’s surgery.

The hospital said in a statement that the 51-year-old former golf star is stable but still in intensive care.

On Tuesday, doctors removed a sizable part of Ballesteros’ tumor. It was not immediately known if it was malignant.

The hospital said Ballesteros had presented a “decreased level of consciousness by brain swelling,” adding that a decompressive craniotomy had been carried out.

Decompressive craniotomy involves part of the skull being removed to allow a swelling brain room to expand. Doctors say it is not uncommon after such operations.

Removing a chunk of his skull??? WOW!

Monday, October 13, 2008

We're Losing A Giant!

We're losing one on the giants of the game of golf.

Doctors have told Seve Ballesteros he has a brain tumor.
They have said they will not know whether it is malignant or benign until Tuesday. Imagine what kind of wait that must be.

Severiano "Seve" Ballesteros was born in 1957, turned pro at age 16, and was a dominating figure in professional golf during the 70s to the 90s.

He had a style all his own.

Aggressive, risk taking, but always thrilling.

I don't believe there was ever a shot that he wouldn't attempt... from anywhere! With his freewheeling swing he often found himself 'scrambling' to make par.

But that was where he showed us his magic.

He had success more often than not!

He won 5 Major Championships.

The Masters: 1980 and 1983

The British Open: 1979, 1984, 1988

With 6 wins on the US PGA Tour...
and 56 Wins on the European Tour!

"Every generation or so there emerges a golfer who is a little bit better than anybody else. I believe Ballesteros is one of them," Lee Trevino.

His honors included:

• Member, World Golf Hall of Fame

• Named European Player of the Century in 2000

• Named Spanish Sportsman of the Century in 2000

• European Tour scoring leader 6 times

• 8-time member, European Ryder Cup team

• Captain, European team, 1997 Ryder Cup

Seve Ballesteros: "I look into their eyes, shake their hand, pat their back, and wish them luck, but I am thinking, 'I am going to bury you.' "

"When he gets going, it's almost as if Seve is driving a Ferrari and the rest of us are in Chevrolets," Tom Kite.

"Seve plays shots I don't even see in my dreams."

Think of Seve Ballesteros as the Arnold Palmer of Europe: a fiery, charismatic, good-looking, swashbuckling, risk-taking player whose star power elevated the European Tour to new levels, and helped Europe achieve equality - ultimately superiority - in the Ryder Cup.

Creativity, imagination and short-game brilliance were the hallmarks of Ballesteros' game. He might miss the fairway off the tee, but at his best, it rarely hurt him.

He even made birdie after playing from a parking lot during his 1979 British Open win.

In 2000, a Ryder Cup-style event was initiated.

It pits teams representing Continental Europe and Great Britain/Ireland.

It's called The Seve Cup.

There is hope that Ballesteros will live through this crisis. In any event, the memories of what he could do on golf course will survive long after his time to leave this world comes.

Seve, you're in our prayers...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is Obama A Legal Citizen?

Is this The October Surprise???

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama and Ayers... Why does it matter?

Why does Barack Obama continually shrug off questions about Bill Ayers? Why do the Democrats say this relationship is a non-issue? Why are they trying to 'sweep this under the rug'?

My guess is that he doesn’t want anybody to focus any attention on Ayers - or his past, and present, activities for fear that people just might put 2 and 2 together, and realize that Obama is a radical himself!

We all know the Ayers was a member of the Weathermen or the Weather Underground as they were later called.

The Weathermen came out of the college campus based anti-war movement during the Vietnam War.

The Weathermen were a group of radicals that had split away from the SDS, the Students for a Democratic Society.

They organized riots and bombed buildings, namely the Pentagon and the US Capitol.

One of their leaders was Bernardine Dohrn, the wife of Bill Ayers. Dohrn and others met with the North Vietnamese during the war, just like Jane Fonda did.

After all, they were commie sympathizers, why shouldn’t they visit their friends?

They were aligned with the Black Liberation Movement(remember Rev Wright's black liberation church?), and their goal was "the destruction of US Imperialism and achieve a classless world: world communism". They declared war on the US in 1970.

So Ayers was a Weatherman and a terrorist.
In 1995 he said, "I am a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist ... [Laughs] Maybe I'm the last communist who is willing to admit it. [Laughs] We have always been small 'c' communists in the sense that we were never in the [Communist] party and never Stalinists. The ethics of Communism still appeal to me. I don't like Lenin as much as the early Marx.”

Ayers is currently a Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education.
He was one of three co-authors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge grant proposal that in 1995 won $49.2 million over five years for public school reform.

So Ayers is a radical education reformer now, and runs the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

What does that have to do with Obama?

For one thing, during the Presidential Debates last night, moderator Tom Brokaw asked each candidate how they would handle the 3 toughest challenges facing the country, “Health Policies, Energy Policies and Entitlement Reforms”.

Obama answered at length, that Energy was most important. Then informed us that Healthcare was second on his list.

Then he said, "we must focus on Education... but let me just make one more point about…" - And then went on the criticize McCain and Bush for the rest of his time.

He snuck his education agenda in there and no one noticed! Never mentioned Entitlements at all!

And where did Obama get his expertise on education?
From his America hating wife, who has always encouraging young people to work on social issues in nonprofit groups and government agencies.
And, of course, Bill Ayers.

Obama says that Ayers is just a guy in his neighborhood and while he may have sat on a board or two with the guy, they’re not close. He hasn’t seen him in a couple of years.
Well, that just doesn’t make any sense.

At the Annenberg project Obama was brought in to chair the board of directors and Ayers ran the operational arm of the foundation.

Does he expect us to believe that they never discussed politics?
Or Education? Or Political Theory? Give me a break Barry!

Stanly Kurtz has been trying to gain access to Annenberg documents, that are supposed to be public, and research this relationship. His published 'Founding Brothers', and his column titled, "Chicago Annenberg Challenge Shutdown" are very revealing.

For some reason, they won't let him in! They will not grant him access to the documents! What are they trying to hide?

My feelings are that if Obama gains The White House, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn will be among the first visitors to the Lincoln bedroom, and the Public Education System in the US will undergo a transformation like you cannot imagine!

Re-education camps will spring up.
Schools will become 'communal like'.
We'll see the re-emergence of the Peace Corps as a service/education vehicle for Obama and Ayers to train our youngsters on being a good Marxist!

A Socialist agenda will be taught to our children and American ideals and traditions will be thrown in the trash!

The communists didn't need to defeat us in war, or overthrow our government - hell, they just waited until we elected them!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why is the Stock Market Taking a Dive?

Waves of panic selling swamped stock markets around the world yesterday as a spreading crisis in confidence battered investors from Tokyo to Brazil and intensified concerns over a potential global recession.

In another wild day on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average finished below 10,000 for the first time since 2004, plunging 800 points before rebounding in the last hour to close down nearly 370. The Dow has lost more than 1,000 points in just over a week.

Earlier, some European stock markets suffered their worst one-day drops ever, following a dive in Asian markets, which fell to near five-year lows. The fall was even steeper in emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil, where markets plunged as much as 20 percent.

The stock market collapse is battering the nest eggs of millions of retirees and workers who increasingly rely on stock investments, made through mutual funds, to finance their 401(k) and other retirement accounts. The Dow is down nearly 30 percent from a year ago.

The global selloff came just three days after the passage in Congress of a $700 billion bailout plan aimed at stabilizing and restoring confidence in the US financial system. Ultimately, analysts said, investors viewed the plan as insufficient to do either. Credit markets in the United States and around the world remain all but frozen as frightened financial institutions continue to refrain from lending to each other.

Why is this happening just after we had this HUGE Bailout?

Well for one thing, The depth and breadth of the crisis is much bigger that anyone knows. The real culprit is 'creative financing'. Companies tried everything they could think of to sell their loan bundles! They knew that there were some bad apples in each bundle, but that's always the case.

This time the whole bundle was spoined by waaaay too many bad apples!

Here's a perspective from a friend's email...

"It's about the derivatives, not just bad loans!!! Trillions upon trillions worth of derivatives that no one understands the equations and models thrown out there. No one knows how deep and how much they add up to!

And they span more than across bad mortgages....credit cards, student loans, oil and gas, etc. Derivatives were used to act as insurance on so many risky loans because there was not enough insurance companies who could or who would cover so many risky investments. So the industry created derivatives "to cover" each other with their own form of insurance...but it wasn't.

It's something like - You buy a piece of bad bundled loans from me in good faith. However, there is no insurance that will cover your investment. So I, wanting to make the sale to you, come up with a plan to cover your investment if your investment goes bad. But, since I am not a true insurance company...I am an investor too...I don't keep cash on hand to cover other
companies' investments and buys from my sales. So when your investment goes bad, not to mention a bunch of my own, I have no cash on hand to cover.

All I have is people's pension plans, retirement funds, city savings, etc. in my portfolio and I am not going to cover your bad investment with my investors' investments in my company. So, I don't cover you...others don't cover me...etc. And that is where we are...except that no one really knows how many bad investments are truly out there because there were so many bizarre trades that have never happened in the past."

I think she summed it up pretty well...

But there's more to this than just bad loans.

Take for example the theory that when powerful people talk, the world listens. You've heard that before, right?

It's like if The President says something, world markets are affected, world leaders react, the World Is Listening!

So how about ol' Dingy Harry Reid saying this idiotic quote just before passing the Bailout Package...

"... One of the individuals in the caucus today talked about a major insurance company. A major insurance company -- one with a name that everyone knows that's on the verge of going bankrupt. That's what this is all about..."


After that crack, insurance company stocks headed for the floor!

Of course ol' Harry was quick to realize that he had made an error and told us that he was sorry if he caused anybody any pain...

Sen. Reid 'regrets' insurance company comments

"...Reid's office sought to clarify the comment. His spokesman, Jim Manley, said Reid "is not personally aware" of any particular company being in trouble and has "no special knowledge" on the topic. Reid, the spokesman said, meant to refer in general terms about the financial sector and "regrets any confusion his comments may have caused."

If there's one guy that need to have his mouth sewn shut...
It's Harry Reid!

And then there's Ol' Jim Cramer.
Shoot, anybody with money in the markets is sure to watch Ol' Jims show, Mad Money, on CNBC, right?
Well, on Monday Ol' Jimmy didn't do us any favors...

Cramer: Sell It All, Right Now

“Whatever money you may need for the next five years, please take it out of the stock market right now, this week. I do not believe that you should risk those assets in the stock market right now.”

The market tanked soon after, falling more than 700 points before recovering late in the day to just under 10,000 points. Some are already calling it the "Cramer Crash."

The Fed step initially propelled the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) back above the 10,000 level, breached on Monday for the first time since October 2004, but the blue-chip index was more recently off 118.04 points to 9,837.46.

Thanks Jim!

So you see, there are forces at work here that are extremely difficult to understand and control. No wonder the folks in Washington are having such a difficult time getting a handle on this crisis.

My best advice...
Stop listening to ALL those so called 'stock gurus', and don't listen to anyone from Congress!
Do your own research!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama Is Going Negative! Really???

Obama is going negative against McCain?
Hell, that's not news!
Obama has been saying nothing but negative comments about John McCain and The President from the very beginning!

He began this run for the presidency by telling all of us that George Bush had failed us. That The President was a failure and his policies were failures. He said George Bush was the worst president we have ever had!

Then, in the next sentence he equates John McCain with George Bush! "If you vote for McCain, you're voting for 4 more years of the failed Bush policies. Just more of the same!"
Yeah, he said that.
Sounds like negative campaigning to me!
Actually, it sounds a lot like hate!

And he has said nothing else for the last 6 months!
"Voting for McCain means more of the Failed Bush Policies!"
If you stop and think about it, that is the only weapon he has!

And he only has that weapon because the MainStream Media has consistsantly painted Mr. Bush as a bumbler, a failure, and a poor leader. They have criticized him at every turn.

Their tactic is that if you tell a lie often enough even some of the people will begin to believe it!

I was thrilled to see that last weekend, Sara Palin finally laid into Obama about his connection to William Ayers, the Weatherman Bomber from the 60s.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday accused Democrat Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists" because of his association with a former 1960s radical, stepping up the campaign's effort to portray Obama as unacceptable to American voters.

Palin's reference was to Bill Ayers, one of the founders of the group the Weather Underground. Its members took credit for bombings, including nonfatal explosions at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol, during the tumultuous Vietnam War era four decades ago. Obama, who was a child when the group was active, served on a charity board with Ayers several years ago and has denounced his radical views and activities.

The Obama campaign isn't happy.
But, it's just giving what you get.
They're saying that the McCain campaign went 'negative' with that 'attack' by Palin.

What a bunch of whiners!

McCain is finally telling the American Public the truth about Obama and the obamination doesn't like it one bit!

So, now, he's going to retaliate!

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Monday is launching a multimedia campaign to draw attention to the involvement of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the “Keating Five” savings-and-loan scandal of 1989-91, which blemished McCain’s public image and set him on his course as a self-styled reformer.

Pushing back against what it calls McCain's “guilt-by-association” tactics, the Obama campaign overnight began e-mailing millions of supporters a link to a website..., which will have a 13-minute documentary on the scandal beginning at noon Eastern time on Monday.

The e-mails urge recipients to pass the link on to friends.The Obama campaign, including its surrogates appearing on radio and television, will argue that the deregulatory fervor that caused massive, cascading savings-and-loan collapses in the late ‘80s was pursued by McCain throughout his career, and helped cause the current credit crisis.

All that has been put to rest years ago.
McCain has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

We all know that Obama has accused McCain of being one of the culprits in this recent financial crisis, so they're going to try and tie the two events together.

But this connection to Obama and Ayers has never been resolved!!! And, they continue to be evasive and secretive about any relationship at all!

As for the smear from Obama about the financial crisis, this is what McCain had to say...

McCain calls Obama a liar

Republican John McCain is calling Democratic rival Barack Obama a liar.
The GOP presidential candidate told a campaign rally: "Sen. Obama has accused me of opposing regulation to avert this crisis. I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough it will be believed."

In some of the harshest language yet, McCain said the campaign comes down to a simple question: Who is the real Barack Obama?

McCain drew the loudest cheers when he said the Democrat has written two memoirs but "he's not exactly an open book."

Obama has been besmearching both The President and John McCain forever! They're just not saying that he's going negative? Give me a break!

Frankly, I can't wait until someone brings up Obama's past.
The events surrounding his birth, his conversion from Islam to Christianity and his so called citizenship need to be fully explained to the world.

This idea that the Daily Kos has all the proof necessary doesn't cut it. The DNC put this bozo forward... There is no 'special board' that vetts candidates, so how are we to know the truth? Are we to take the word of the DNC? The word of the Daily KOS?

Show us the documentation!
We don't trust this guy!