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Monday, March 26, 2007

Say It Ain't So... Joe's Out?

ESPN has fired Joe Theisman at Monday Night Football. Bad move.
He's to be replaced by "Jaws", Ron Jaworski to sit along side Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser. I don't know who's in charge of personell over there at ESPN, but they sure are mucking it up!

It's always a learning process when you cast a new show, and even though MNF has been around a long time, it's a "new show" for ESPN. (They took over the franchise when ABC went to Sunday night coverage of the NFL.) I feel they made a mis-step when they brought Tirico(a TV guy) as anchor and added Kornheiser(a writer guy) as the "color" commentator. Theisman was the only one in the booth that had any real world football experience. Word has it that ESPN wanted to "go in a different direction". Hell, anybody with eyes could see that the threesome wasn't working out. Rumor was that Kornheiser and Theisman didn't fit well together and ESPN liked Kornheiser better, so Joe is out. Go figure.

Joe will be sorely missed. I think they should have kept Joe and fired the other two guys. Tirico is flat and often dreary. Kornheiser seems to think his point of view is actually funny. Get real Tony.

Kornheiser's drivel works OK when he's with Michael Wilbon on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, but just OK. On his own, he's just another smart assed writer that thinks he knows TV, and thinks he has a wonderful sense of humor. He doesn't seem to realize that it's Wilbon who makes that show work.

I guess it's just another sign of the times - all the trusted and loved franchises of TV land are going by the wayside as new blood takes over programming and operations. One would think that this new blood would at least have a clue as to what us viewers like. Obviously they don't.

Another reason to get DirecTV and their NFL package, and bypass this train wreck altogether!

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