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Friday, October 24, 2008

What Has Happened To Us?

I've been watching politics, the stock market, the general business climate and our foreign policy for more than 40 years. That doesn't make me an expert or anything, but it does give me a perspective that few Americans have.
Being old, does have some advantages.

In the past we have always had the traditions of give and take insults, mudslinging, dirty tricks, underhanded deals, sleazy behavior and downright lying, cheating and theft to accentuate our national political and business environment. We could nearly always predict the results. The fellow with the dirtiest campaign would be reviled and despised, but would usually win.

This political season is different. Very different.

In the past we relied on our national media to give us a generally honest opinion about what was really going on behind the scenes. We would read the national papers and watch the revered evening news programs to get our perspective on events because we trusted them. We never had any doubt that those organizations had our best interests at heart.

Those times are gone. Now, the major news outlets have allied themselves with liberal, big money. Their interests are dictated by profit.

Sure, they were always in business to make a buck, but this is different. They are being 'controlled' by 'big money'.
And this big money is George Soros.

This one man has enough money to dictate policy to the nations major news organizations. That's a very frightening thought.

But when you consider that Soros made billions by selling the British Pound short(betting against the Pound), you can start to understand how much power this man can bring to bear.
He nearly brought Britain to her knees.

Stop and think about this... Where did Barack Obama come up with the money to do the things he has done. He traveled around the world, met world leaders, studied at expensive schools...
How did he accomplish all that?
Visa? American Express? I really doubt it.

This guy has been groomed from very early on to be 'the savior', 'the messiah', 'the one' who will deliver our traditional American ideals into the hodgepodge of communal living...
In his words... 'building our economy from the bottom up'.

He has been groomed to lead America to Communism.
And by who? George Soros is my best guess.
(That's Soros, seated in the blue shirt)


OK. You say that's a wild idea and a crazy accusation. But, I think it's a very plausible proposition. Of course, finding proof is nearly impossible.

We can't even get to the details of Obama's connection to bomber Bill Ayers. It's been all very well covered up and disguised as normal business dealings. Soros is a very smart guy. He is nearly always working behind the scenes and stays out of the spotlight.
But, NEVER underestimate him.

But how has this happened to us... to Americans? We always thought we were invulnerable to such underhanded shenanigans. Our free market system and our Constitution had all those checks and balances to protect us. How could this have happened?

I've posted about it before, and I think it all started to come together for Soros when George Bush defeated Algore in 2000. That was a very bitter pill for Democrats. They are still in a rage about it.

But I believe that was when Soros put his plan into action.
His boy, Barack Hussein Obama was introduced to all the right people in Chicago back in the 90s, and he was saying all the right things to his power handlers and being appointed to all the right boards to learn how our system could be manipulated.

I don't believe that Obama was influenced by Wright and Ayers and Rezko. I believe they were working together all along.
They were brothers in arms, supported by Soros. They had a plan.

The September Attacks, the confusion and worry afterwards, then the pointed attacks on George Bush by the liberal left, the big stink raised by the left about the Iraq war, were all used by this gang to distract citizens from the real threat. 'The One', 'the messiah', his lord Barack Obama was slowly making his way to the top.

But it couldn't have happened without the unmitigated support of the mainstream media.

It's simple really.
Just ask yourself this question... How is Sarah Palin's $150K wardrobe more important than Obama's connection to Ayers? Or, more important than the truth about his place of birth? Or than the mis-statements by his running mate Joe Biden?

Everything Obama does, says or promises is taken at face value and assumed to be truthful... without ANY verification whatsoever.

But then, the Democrats send an army of lawyers and investigators to Alaska to find dirt on Sarah Palin!

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?
When have you heard of ANYONE being so reviled as Mrs. Palin has been, and ANYONE being so revered as Mr Obama has?

In my lifetime, I have NEVER witnessed such a blatant distortion of the truth by the media. I have never witnessed such an intense criticism of an innocent, decent, regular American as I have witnessed against Mrs. Palin? Have you?

Of course it all started with the Bush Bashing. When Mr. Bush chose to not respond to the idiotic accusations, they only got worse. Bully's came out of the wood work. Everyone wanted a piece of George Bush. Do you think that was normal behavior? I didn't then, and I don't now. I strongly believe it was orchestrated, and likely by George Soros.

Stop and think about it...
Obama's big deal is to connect John McCain to Mr. Bush. That's his only strength, if you can call that a strength.

Mr. Bush was systematically crucified to provide Obama with a 'reason' to emerge as the candidate of 'change'. That's why he defeated Hillary. He represented 'change' and Hillary was just more of the same, just like Mr. Bush. It was a very well orchestrated, very well manipulated, very well disguised ascension to power for Barack Hussein Obama.

One man alone could not make such a meteoric rise to power with a great deal of support. In the case of Obama, much of his past is intentionally obliterated, removed, distorted. That takes a heck of a lot of money and organization to pull that off. George Soros has that kind of money.
George Soros has that kind of power.


George Soros is buying America. His puppet is Barack Hussein Obama.
A puppet schooled in radical black liberation theology with Jerimiah Wright... Schooled in radical educational philosophy with Bill Ayers... Schooled in the subversive techniques of Marxism and Leninism by his radical wife and friends... Schooled in the dream of world domination by his Muslim roots.

Obama was the perfect choice for Soros. A man with his own dreams of greatness is easily swayed with money and the promise of world power.

I think Obama really believes that he IS 'The One'!
His ego is absolutely HUGE!


This election is not about race. It is not about Republican policies versus Democrat policies. It is not about the economy, nor the war, nor taxes, nor education, nor reformers versus change artists.

No. This election is about good versus evil.

Obama represents all that is bad in the world. McCain doesn't quite know how to deal with an abstract idea like that, and he's quite off balance. He has lost his bearing with this philosophical battle.

Give McCain a physical enemy and he will perform with great dignity and power. But with this kind of nebulous, ethereal enemy... Subversion, misdirection, subterfuge, innuendo and half truths... he is lost.

And, thank God for Sarah Palin! She can see the evil in all this. If McCain will listen to her council, he may pull this out. But he has to give her the freedom to be herself and say what's in her head.
He needs to trust her implicitly!
Let Sarah lead the way to victory!

But, it may be too late.
The ground swell of support by the faceless minions of the evil lord is extremely powerful. If we can survive the coming tsunami of the Obama machine, we may just get through this in spite of Soros' best efforts. If we aren't prepared, aren't well armed and well defended, we will be overwhelmed by the rush of mindless Obama-bots.

Think about going to the high ground. Think about stocking up on the things you may need... cash, water, food, ammunition. Get your life in order. Make out your will, write letters to everyone important to you, and prepare for the fight of your life.

Keep a copy of the Constitution in you pocket. Keep a flag close by.
If you own a weapon, make sure it is in good working order.
You may need to defend yourself just going to work!
Yeah, OK. You think I'm crazy... But mark my words...

If Obama wins, America loses...


God Bless America!

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