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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Mad As Hell...

I know, I know... I shouldn't say these things about people I really don't know, but I'm really mad.

I’m getting REAL mad.

Mad about the way people are behaving toward each other.
Mad about what people are saying about our country.
Mad about how people are blaming everybody else for their own bad situation.
Mad about how the media keeps blaming President Bush for all of America’s problems.
Mad that nobody has the courage to stand up and tell the truth about all of this!
Mad that Americans will not admit that THEY caused this mess!

That’s right! You heard me! It’s YOUR fault!
It’s not President Bush’s problem!
It’s not my problem.
It’s YOUR problem!

OK, now let’s get this straight. Let's go back to the beginning...
George Bush won the 2000 election.

The Democrats contested the election and to this day, here in 2008, are still very upset that they lost.

George Bush was advised by nearly everyone on the planet that Saddam had WMDs and decided to invade Iraq to put him out of business.

Nothing would have been made of the event had the Democrats not been so pissed off about 2000!

They jumped at the opportunity to raise doubts about The President’s decision, and then many went on record as having been against the invasion.

Let’s see, they were for it before they were against it?
Is that correct? You DO remember that don’t you?

So, now every Democrat worth his salt, and even some that aren’t worth much at all, was screaming bloody murder at George Bush and criticizing everything he did here at home and abroad.

Every piece of legislation he proposed got shot down because of the gathering storm of protest against his policies.

Even Republicans were reluctant to back their own President because of the outcry from the left, and the misinformation from their favorite pets, the MainStream Media.

And, you believed it all!

You didn’t pay attention to anything Mr. Bush was doing, you just listened to the evening news and the liberal talking points and automatically trusted their information as being truthful.
You drank the Kool-Aid… were sucked in, hook, line and sinker!

You believed everything the media fed you.

You thought, this is CBS! This is NBC! This is ABC! They wouldn’t lie about something like this! They must be telling the truth!

Now, maybe you know better. At least you should know better!

The media has been in the pocket of big liberal money for a long, long time.

Remember Dan Rather’s invented story about Mr. Bush in 2004? The media will invent what ever they want, when ever they want, to influence you and your opinion.

The days of trusted journalism have been gone for a very long time, and don't count on them returning.

The last time I personally trusted any news organization was before the Iran-Contra hearings. They botched that up pretty good. For me, that was the end! The media abused my trust and told a frightening tale of woe that simply wasn’t true.

But this current so-called crisis is purely an invented one.
Invented by the media.

They keep telling you what to feel and how to act, and you just go along with the crowd!

Have you forgotten when the media was saying that the real estate bubble would surely burst? I wondered why they were saying such a thing?

Real estate has always been cyclical. So what’s the big deal?

Why would the news organizations stand on the street corner and yell that the market was going to collapse if they didn’t wish it were so?

The media constantly preached doom and gloom because they knew it could be blamed on George Bush - THAT'S WHY!

The media was culpable in the collapse because people like you began to believe their drivel, and once you and your friends began to talk about a real estate 'bust', everybody began to experience fear and loathing about the housing market.

Until then, even the shaky loans that were made stood a very good chance of being paid off, but, with the atmosphere of fear being so prevalent, folks got really scared and just decided to bail out.

They lost confidence in themselves, lost confidence in Mr. Bush, and lost confidence in America.

This lack of confidence is what has caused the divisiveness in Congress, the criticism of President Bush, the credit crunch, the stock market slump and the entire nation being in a state of trembling fear!

You listened to the media with great interest.
You trusted their input as gospel.

You began to parrot the lines you heard on the 6 o’clock news.
You talked around the water cooler about how goofy The President was and ‘how bad’ the economy was.

You chided The President for starting an illegal war.
You said The President lied and soldiers died.
You said there were no WMDs!

Yes you did… Admit it.
You did say those things.

And now, even though you realize you were wrong about most of it, you can’t take it back. It’s to late. Waaaaay too late!

So, here we are about to choose a President and the reasons you cite for choosing Mr. Obama are tied directly to Mr. Bush. You say you cannot have 4 more years of the Bush Presidency and that is what you’ll get with John McCain.

Can you understand how lame that argument is?
Mr. Bush didn’t do anything to hurt you!

You were lied to, and sold a bill of goods by the media and you weren't even aware of it!
You’ve been weaseled!
You’ve been hoodwinked!
You’ve been bamboozled!

Your laziness and lack of courage has caused this country to be on the brink of disaster!
We may elect a died-in-the-wool socialist as our next President!

I sure hope you can muster up the courage to look at yourself in the mirror next week after the winner is announced. Either way it goes, you will have caused this country a great deal of pain.

Your lack of courage, your lack of conviction, your lack of confidence in Mr. Bush and in our way of government has caused this mess.

That’s right, YOU! You caused this!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

But you still have time to WAKE UP AMERICA!
We're AT WAR!
This is no time to experiment with a NEWBIE!


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