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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sad, sad day. What could have caused a kid to loose his mind and murder all those other kids? Is it a lack of respect for life? Is it a total disregard of morality? Is it the "sexing" of our young girls. Or is it stress and the pressure of growing up in this violent, media saturated, instant gratification driven, moving-way-to-fast culture of ours! What a horrific thing that has happened.

I was thinking about Don Imus and his lamentations, but, I think he got what he deserved. Although it was unfortunate that the weasels Sharpton and Jackson got so much media attention. Both of those punk thugs need to be taken out behind the barn and... well you know.

I was thinking about the Duke boys that have had their lives ruined by that overzealous radical loose cannon Nifong fella. But they sort of brought it on themselves too. Frat parties are OK I guess, but didn't they learn anything from "girls gone wild"? You just can't behave like that and go unnoticed by society. There is a price to pay when you get reckless.

I was thinking about the British people in boats(I'm loathe to call them sailors!) that were captured by the evil snakes in Iran. I still wonder why those satanic dogs let them go home?

But none of it seems to matter on such a sad, sad day.

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