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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
I wish you all a very prosperous and joyful 2009!

Usually we always hear about New Year's resolutions... that we're going to lose that extra 30 pounds, we're going to quit smoking, we're going to try or work harder at something... It usually never happens.
We end up quitting or lose interest don't we?

Well, I have a list of New Year's Resolutions that I feel are very attainable for your consideration.

The list is rather ecclectic so it follows no particularly rhyme or reason and are in no particular order. I just think they are all worth doing.
Here goes...

1. Back up your computer!
If you have never lost any data or had a crash, you're quite lucky. Don't wait... back up now! XP has a backup program that works fine, just get the external HD so you're data will be in a separate place. Of course you could use one of those online places, but why not do it yourself?
It feels good!

2. Restart a lost family tradition.
Whether it's the prayer your grand father used to say at Christmas dinner, the family trip to a special place, or just going to church every Sunday... START! If we don't continue to respect our traditions they will be lost forever.

3. Join the NRA!
The National Rifle Association is the greatest advocate for gun owners and hunters and shooters in the world! The NRA has a huge political effort and needs our support. Join today. If you can afford it, become a life member and donate often. They really need our help!

4. Buy a handgun and get a permit to carry it!
I urge everyone to respect and honor the 2nd Amendment - The Right to Keep and Bear Arms - by becoming a firearms owner and taking the necessary training to become proficient and safe with your new weapon. Take the training and get the permit to carry your new pistol. The police are there to protect us from criminals, but they cannot be everywhere.
Be ready if nasty things begin to happen.

5. Take a kid shooting!
The shooting sports along with proper and safe gun handling need to be taught to our youngsters. We don't want them growing up with liberal phrases in their heads about how dangerous guns are. We want our kids to know the truth! It's up to you to teach your kids about guns and gun safety! When a kid learns about guns and shooting, they'll carry that knowledge with them for the rest of their lives. Share your sport!

6. Hug a soldier!
The next time you see a member of our armed forces walking in the mall or on the street, just go up to him/her with a big smile on your face and say THANK YOU! Then give them a big hug! Our fighting men and women are in harms way everyday. Let them know we appreciate the sacrafice they are making for our safety and security! And please remember all our Veterans... from 'The Greatest Generation', to present day, let them know you are proud of them!

7. Read The Constitution - Get yourself a copy!
Never before have we lived in such violent, uncertain times. There are those, foreigners and even some in our own government that wish to alter our Constitution and treat it like so much waste paper.
The Constitution of The United States of America is the single most important document on the planet. Read it. Understand it. Honor it!
Our freedom depends on you staying involved!

8. Re-Evaluate your investments!
We've seen some major institutions collapse in the last few years because of poor management and simple greed! If you have any money stashed away in a sock or under the mattress, get smart about it.
If you have money in the market or in real estate, get smart about it.
We can't rely on so-called 'experts' to guide our investing.
Rely on yourself. Stay informed. Get educated. Get wealthy!

9. Re-Evaluate your insurance needs!
Do you have enough if the worst happens to you? How about your house? Your car? That boat? And all those guns in the safe? Could you replace everything if you had a fire? An earthquake? A hurricane or tornado? Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Make sure your family will be safe and well cared for if you are gone. Get started today!

10. Clean out each and every one of your closets!
You haven't used some of that stuff in 10 years! Let it go! Clean everything, wash it, iron it and take it to the Goodwill store. There are lots of people out there that shop at the Goodwill every week. When money is tight every dollar counts. Take all your clutter and all those old clothes that don't fit or are out of style to the Goodwill Store! They take appliances, tools, clothes... all kinds of stuff! Get going!

11. Call every friend you have!
I don't care if you just talked to them yesterday, call them and wish them a Happy New Year! Look in your personal phone book and call all those friends you haven't talked to in months... or years! They'll be happy to hear your voice and it'll do you a world of good too!

12. Say Happy New Year to each of your neighbors!
Just walk over there... it's OK, they won't bite you... and tell them you were in a great mood and just wanted to say Happy New Year and wish them a prosperous 2009. That's all. You don't have to stay and have tea, you don't need to go inside, you don't need to figure out how to discuss that awkward moment you had last summer... just say Happy New Year, shake their hand and leave! Get started!

And since the #13 is my lucky number, I'll finish with it...

13. Tell your wife or husband, and all of your kids and grandkids, that you love them with all your heart!
You never know, you could be hit by a bus as you step off the curb tomorrow morning! This could be the last time you ever see any of your family. Tell them all, every day, that you love them!

That's it! That's all I got!
Happy New Year!

Have a great 2009!

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