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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do The Arabs Really Want Peace?

What's going to happen in Gaza?
Does anybody have a clue?

In the latest round of conflict between the Arabs and the Jews...

First the Arabs kill Israeli civilians with rockets.
And when the Israeli's take their time to respond, the Israeli's get dissed for responding at all!


Now the Arabs are suing for peace! But can you blame them?
They're getting a shit storm laid on them!

(Doesn't this look like something out of a Si-Fi movie)

But, I wonder if peace is really that important to the Arabs...

They send rockets and suicide murderers into Israel and expect no reprisals because their rocket sites are in mosques and civilian neighborhoods. And when Israel retaliates, we see the poor victims in Gaza screaming about their children being killed.
(from Michael Ramirez at IBD)

Don't those same Arabs send their children into crowded markets wearing vests loaded with C4, nails, and ball bearings under their garments?

It's obvious that the Arabs don't really want to endure total war.
They don't have the overt support of nations like Saudi Arabia(although it's very likely they have the covert support of many Arab nations - even Iran), and they don't have the will to fight in the open. They wear their full face masks and hide behind their women and children to fire RPGs at their enemy.

From their previous wars with Israel they have learned that they need public support to win at anything. They aren't very good fighters unless they're high on something, so guerrilla tactics and urban warfare have become their hallmark.

The Arabs are a despicable bunch. It's not their religion that makes them so, although Islam does provide a great deal of the motivation for their actions. The Arabs simply use anything at their disposal to strike out at the enemy and The Koran is quite handy.

They use the term jihad to justify their actions, but in reality they're just angry at the Jews, and at the US, and at anybody else that doesn't agree with them.

So now the Arabs want the UN to step in and call for a cease fire.
How quaint.

Arab Nations Call for U.N. Resolution
- Demanding Cease-Fire in Gaza

UNITED NATIONS — Arab nations floated a proposed U.N. Security Council resolution Tuesday calling for an immediate end to combat in the Gaza Strip and deployment of an international force to monitor a cease-fire and protect Palestinian civilians.

The draft, seen by The Associated Press, made no mention of a key demand of Israel and its main ally, the United States, for border monitors to destroy tunnels that Hamas has used to smuggle rockets and other weapons into Gaza since seizing control of the territory in June 2007.

Why should anybody believe these murderers? But of course, The UN will do anything for them, including to provide a publicity vehicle for their propaganda.

The sad thing is that now the protests have come to American streets.
I wonder how long it will be before Americans say, "ENOUGH! Take this shit back to your own cesspool of a world and leave!

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