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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Throw The Bum Out!

It looks as if the individual currently occupying The White House is eagerly convincing all of us that he is a TOTAL FRAUD and a LIAR.
Remember...?  He made so darned many campaign promises that nearly every black person, nearly every person in need, nearly every person under 30, and most assuredly every liberal in America voted for him!

But many of those promises have gone unfulfilled or ignored or even reversed!
Have you been paying attention?
He promised to close Gitmo... Not gonna happen. 
He promised to stop the Bush tax cuts... Not gonna happen.
He promised immigration reform… Not gonna happen.

Shoot, he had a clear majority in The Congress for 2 years…
What happened?
Yes, he did ram thru a bunch of 'Socialist-Marxist' bills and programs that should satisfy all you liberals out there.
But, just this week he was blaming the Republicans for not getting a budget passed… Why didn’t he get it passed when he had the majority?

And now, he sez he’s gonna run for re-election…
With this kind of record, I wonder who’s gonna vote for him?
Oh, that’s right… He has Al Sharpton to lean on.
I forgot that one of his biggest supporters is a prominent black man… AND, one of America’s biggest racist!
But we should never call a black man a racist...   It just isn’t done.
I wonder why?
I always say… If the shoe fits…
And there’s no denying that Sharpton IS a racist.

So here we have a fella that promised “hope and change”, along with a bunch of other stuff, and it turns out that he needs to lean on his ‘racial homeys’ to stay in office.

Sure we expected him to call on his Chicago thugs… Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, David Axelrod, Samantha Powers and ol’ Rham Emanuel – but does he really need to use the ‘race card’ to get re-elected?
Doesn’t that mean he’s a racist too?
…I think it does.

This guy... that has absolutely NO experience, that was put in office by the Chicago Political Machine and a bunch of left wing terrorists... and he expect us Americans to give him another shot at running the country?

Make up your mind America.
Are you going to allow this Marxist liar to continue to live in OUR HOUSE?

Are you going to let the man who promised ‘total transparancy’ - who has spent millions hiding his birth certificate, his school records, his academic records and his work records to continue to live in OUR HOUSE?

Are you going to re-elect an individual that can’t even get a budget passed on time, to run America?

Obama IS A FRAUD! He’s a COWARD! He’s a LIAR!  He's a RACIST!
He’s a MARXIST! He’s not even constitutionally eligible to serve!

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