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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is the Birth Certificate Real? Or a Fake?

Well now... We have a revoltin' developement with The Charlatan's Birth Certificate!!!
It seems that a few dedicated researchers have come up with information that casts a shadow on the BC copy that The White House revealed yesterday.

For starters, in the space on the BC that defines the father's birth place is the words KENYA, EAST AFRICA.  Well, I'm told by many sources that in 1961, the year that Obama was born, Kenya did not exist as an entity.  Back then it was called "The British East Africa Protectorate".  For an 'official document' to err about the father's birth place seems odd doncha think?  The Republic of Kenya was formed in 1964 and then joined the British Empire.

Then, there is some descrpancy about the hospital in Hawaii.  It seems that the hospital's name was different in 1961 than it is today.

And finally, some clever folks have discovered that the BC has been 'assembled' rather than copied.  They determined that the document has been composed of several layers. 
Here are some of the images:

So what we have here is a fine example of The Charlatan spending millions of dollars to first conceal the truth about his past by NOT revealing the BC, then when he does trot it out, it seems to be a forgery!
I really believe this guy would do ANYTHING to gain power, to hold on to it for as long as humanly possible, and tell the rest of us red-blooded Americans to take a hike - America is HIS!

Frankly, I really don't care where he was born. 
I just want him out of my house!
He's an arrogant jackass and in my opinion NOT QUALIFIED to hold the office of President!

But, I don't think this Birth Certificate issue is going to die anytime soon...

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