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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Incredible Diminishing Presidency

Susan Dale has written an interesting article on our current Commander-In-Chief.
You can find the entire article over at Human Events...
But here's a portion of it for your reading pleasure -

The Incredible Diminishing Presidency
... The tenancy of Barack Hussein Obama has diminished perhaps for all time the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America, an Office our Founders endeavored to make an honored and dignified position, inspirational and imbued with great authority and grace.

In his short tenure so far, Obama has made his contempt for the rules of this nation, the U.S. Constitution, quite clear, and has made his contempt for the majority of the American people abundantly clear, as well. He has been thoroughly corrupt in his legislative dealings, demonstrating his determination to slam through his increasingly unpopular agenda at any cost, using any means, no matter how unconstitutional, venal and damaging to the American people and the nation the majority of these people love.

This tragically elected 44th President has humiliated his nation and its people again and again on the world stage, not only by his ‘foreign policy’ decisions, but by his consistent apologies for the wretchedness of the country he leads, and he has done so in every international venue he can find. He has magnified this humiliation by continually hugging and bowing to the dictators ruling over our nation’s enemies, while publically and quite purposefully humiliating those who lead our nation’s former allies.

Obama has proven that he cannot govern; all he is able to do is talk, and then only in front of pre-programmed audiences guaranteed to be friendly to him, and ably assisted by his teleprompters. He also goes to lots of meetings, all either destructive or useless, and all costing the American people yet another massive amount of money that we do not have and do not want to spend if we did have it.

But that is what community organizers do, don’t you know?

Where but in the alternate universe of the Obama Administration would the ‘Safe Schools’ czar be a well-known homosexual activist and child-man sex advocate?

Where else but under the rule of this person would our ‘Science’ czar advocate forced abortion as an acceptable method of population control?

Where else but in Obama’s regime would one find the individual responsible for overall national health policy calling for use of euthanasia for those deemed to be no longer useful to the state?

Where else but in this insane leftist utopia currently in Washington today would there be contemplation of an appointment of a Justice to the Supreme Court based on that person’s sexual preference?

I must have missed that particular requirement in the section of the Constitution defining selection of Supreme Court Associate Justices.

In his inelegant and classless fashion, Obama continually behaves like an African colonial despot, all too frequently using our White House to entertain rap stars and the like, and using Air Force One for international shopping trips for various members of his family. His manners and behavior are deplorable – “wee-weed up,” “the police have behaved stupidly,” “corpseman,” “they should thank me,” “anyone can buy a truck,” “tea baggers,” “bitterly clinging to their guns and religion,” “whether we like it or not, we are still the world’s largest superpower,” and in his most recent stunner, “I think there comes a time when you have made enough money.”

Yes, that was the President of the United States of America who made those last two remarks. About America, and about Americans.

There is a recent photo of Obama, taken on a golf course, where he had adjourned after blowing off the funeral of the Polish President. In this cringe-inducing picture, our 44th President seems to have purposely donned attire that looked as disrespectful as possible, on a day on which dignitaries from all over Washington were going to the Polish Embassy to pay their respects to the fallen Polish leader. The nation of Poland was a brave and stalwart former ally of the United States of America.

The way Obama looks, the way he behaves, the things he says, the policies he is enacting, the people he is truly representing, are in no way related to the parts of the Constitution that define the Office of the President of the United States that came to us from our Founders in 1787 after such lengthy and serious deliberation.

It’s almost is as if Barack Hussein Obama is purposely trying to forever diminish the Office of the Presidency of the United States.
Do you think?

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