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Thursday, May 27, 2010

America, When Are You Going To Stand Up?

We've watched this "Chicago Charade" on Capitol Hill for well over a year now.

And, even though we knew this guy was a charlatan and a fraud... and we knew this guy was wrong for America, we still gave him the benefit of the doubt, and waited...

After all, that's what Americans do... We give you an opportunity to prove yourself.

Well, the experiment has gone on long enough.

The guy presently sitting in The White House is KILLING The American Dream!

We have to stop this madness!

Somehow, we have to stop this power hungry, elitist, Socialist 'Mob Boss' before he does any more damage!

We MUST throw this Un-American, arrogant buffoon and his Chicago-style machine out of office!

When are Americans going to stand up and say ENOUGH?

I say the time is NOW!

Stand Up America!
Throw the bum out!

Impeach Obama! NOW!

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