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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lunatics Are Back!

From The Tactical Wire

The Lunatics Are Back
By Rich Grassi

The AP ran a story on Wednesday entitled "New Assault Weapon Ban Urged: Meant to prevent guns from reaching Mexican drug cartels."

The Binational Task Force on the United States-Mexican Border issued a statement announcing this brainstorm. The group consists of political retreads such as an appointee who ran DEA and Customs and Border Protection in the past.

The story said that "U.S. and Mexican officials" allege that the drug cartels "frequently use assault rifles, which are banned in Mexico but easily purchased in the United States."

Readers of this wire know that statement to be baseless and without foundation.

Drug cartels use the M2 machine gun, a U.S. weapon currently only available in arms sales between the U.S. Government and the government of Mexico!
They also use a submarine - I guess that came from a gun show in Galveston.

In case the scoundrels acquire reading skills, they should try this on:

1. Assault rifles are select fire rifles currently only available for transfer between citizens who are photographed, finger printed, pass a background check and submit $200 to the U.S. Treasury to cover the transfer tax.

They are not easily purchased in the United States.

2. Assault rifles are banned in Mexico as many other types of guns are - but the drug gangs bribe Mexican officials and get guns. They kill Mexican soldiers and take their guns. They buy guns - real assault rifles - from China and other foreign ports.

3. Gun bans and other silly government regulation is of no force and has no effect on rates of violent crime. That's as true now as it always has been.

You want an end to the drug violence in Mexico?

Have tough drug laws and enforce them.

Want the U.S. to help?
Insist the U.S. button the border up - so guns, like the cheap, easily obtainable single shot hunting guns don't migrate south and so that drugs can't migrate north.

Oh, seize that submarine just in case they try to bring the dope in underwater.


Thanks Rich!

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