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Saturday, April 4, 2009

We Surround Them!

Have you heard about this?

I've been watching this story for a month or so now.
It seems to be growing like a prairie fire!

It all started with this Glenn Beck segment.

And, he is right. People do feel as if they're all alone. Why wouldn't they? Our President is selling American values to the highest bidder and taking over private enterprise at an alarming rate!

To my surprise, I found We Surround Them groups on MeetUp, FaceBook, on the NING social network site and several other places on the web. And, nearly all are devoted to Glenn Beck and his 9-12 Project.

I happen to think it's a great idea!
I'm just not so sure it has a solid base.

I attended the 'We Surround Them' event to watch Glenn Beck on 3 /13.

I was impressed with the turnout!
I wasn't impressed with the crowd rapidly filing out of the building before we had much of a chance to meet each other, or discuss any observations about the program.

I even joined a local group that sponsored the gathering but wasn't very impressed with their efforts either... but, that might be chalked up to differences in personalities, or maybe they were just plain overwhelmed with the response?

There are other groups devoted to upcoming Tea Parties as well! Some of the same folks as a matter of fact.

But I believe Michelle Malkin began the Tea Party Idea.

Some Tea Parties have already happened. I believe they had a crowd of 4,000 in Cincinnati, 5,000 in St. Louis, and over 5,000 in Orlando. There have been other smaller ones too, but I believe the 15th of April is when there will be a National Tea Party!

Can You Believe It!
A National Tea Party! Isn't that a hoot?
Folks are finally getting up off their dead asses and protesting about their government spending their 401Ks!

Doncha think it's a little late America?! I mean, the time to protest was BEFORE the election, dumbasses!

Now, with Glenn Beck leading the lemmings against Republicans and Democrats alike, they're out for blood! They want every Congressman's head on a stick! And they want George Bush's head on a stick too! Most of them agree with Obama! George DID IT!

It's so sad to watch as these poor misguided souls wander around looking for leadership and finding none! They're pouring their hearts out on the web to anybody that will listen, and nobody can help them!

They don't seem to realize that Mr. Beck is standing with a megaphone, in the median of a 10 lane freeway, with Republicans and Conservatives zooming in one direction, and Democrats and Liberals zooming in the opposite direction!

As they are drawn to Mr. Becks call, they fail to realize the reality of just how dangerous the environment of national politics really is.

They're likely to just walk right out into traffic and get run over by one of the 'MACHINES'!

It gives new meaning to the phrase, 'look both ways'!

There are other groups as well. There's even a group planning to march on Washing on July 4th! It's called The March For Liberty!

I sure do wish these good folks all the best, but my gut feeling is that the well oiled Liberal Machine will chew them up and spit them out before they even get off the ground!

My advice to them was to protest in front of their Congressman's local headquarters at The State House. To raise hell at home. Vote the bums out of office! To turn out at the polls and VOTE THE BUMS OUT in 2910!

But they insist, 'time is short!', and, 'We must act now!'

I'm going to keep tabs on them and maybe even get more involved.
They all seem to be asking the same question... OK, Glenn, we watched your show and we listened to what you had to say and we joined these social gathering groups... so... What's Next?

I may have an answer soon...
Stay tuned!

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