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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Islam A Religeon of Peace? Are You Kiddin' Me...?

I'm a Christian.  
I do not worship Jesus, The Christ, I worship GOD.

I was raised to believe that religion was the worship of GOD, and NOT the worship of a man.

These Mulsims worship their prophet Mohammed, who they believe is in the same group of other prophets such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Jesus.  All of whom were very peaceful believers of their faith.
So I'm having a little difficulty with this Islam propaganda that says they are the 'religion of peace' when I put their ideas up against the facts.  

I don't see any other world religion behaving so violently, by killing people or terrorizing people.  And I don't hear any other world religion saying that they will 'rule the world'.

That kind of activity doesn't mix very well with ANY peaceful intentions or Godly behavior that I have EVER heard about or witnessed.  

Frankly I believe these Muslims are a bunch of frauds.  They're not a religion at all... They are a group of gangsters, and criminals, and frankly a group of terrorist intimidating the worlds population.

Their goal is to scare folks, intimidate folks, and threaten folks to join them... or be killed.  
REAL Religions DO NOT behave in such a manner.

Watch this video from CBN of how Muslims have nearly taken over Belgium, and listen to their rationale...

So what do you think?  The religion of peace...? 
I believe they are mere violent gangsters.  
Hitler would be proud of their behavior.

This is what the 'religion of peace' does to Christians who refuse to 'convert' to their beliefs...

Soon, there will be fighting in the streets of the United States of America... NOT because we disagree with their behavior or their beliefs... 
No, it will be to save our way of life.  
The time to decide is NOW!

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  1. What kind of Christian does not worship Jesus but a heretical one?