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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

US Leak On al-Qaida Threat Could Aid Our Enemy

John Bolton: US Leak on al-Qaida Threat Could Aid Enemy
Tuesday, 06 Aug 2013 05:52 PM
By Jim Meyers and John Bachman

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton tells Newsmax the Obama administration's leaking of information about the new al-Qaida threat is "very dangerous" and could aid the enemy.

Bolton also says Obama still fails to recognize that we are "at war" with terrorism.   

And he asserts that the new Iranian president's promise to be less antagonistic to the West is merely a "charm offensive" designed to buy Iran more time to develop nuclear weapons.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV on Tuesday, Bolton discusses the terrorism threat — reportedly revealed in a telephone call from al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri — that compelled the United States to close many of its embassies.

"I was very surprised when I heard reference to and leaks from the Obama administration about this specific telephone call because it would be very unusual for Zawahiri to break communication security and be caught this way," he says.

"But if in fact it did happen, obviously it's not helpful to the United States to leak about it so that now if Zawahiri had any doubts, he knows that we have heard what he said.

"In general, this is another case of the administration leaking information which it thinks helps ... but which in fact is very dangerous.   

If that is an accurate description of what we heard, though, it's ironically a repudiation of the Obama administration's whole story line on al-Qaida being on the road to defeat, al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan being a tiny sliver of what it used to be and really not responsible for operations worldwide, because that intercept proves exactly the opposite."

Asked if it were possible that at least part of al-Qaida's objective may have been realized - to demonstrate that it has the ability to shut down American embassies just by online and phone chatter - 

Bolton responds: "You can always speculate about whether this was real or not.

That goofy Obama and his own remarkable inability to read world events coupled with his lack of leadership has caused this... 
Along with Bill's wife being so naive and stupid!!!
Their combined efforts, or lack thereof, have made America look WEAK!  
And the rest of the world is watching...  SO AM I...!!!

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