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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who's The Bomber? I'm The Bomber! You're The Bomber Too!

Last Monday's horrific terrorist act at The Boston Marathon has left me speachless!

First, our fearless leader says that the bombing was the work of 'Tax Day Protesters", or "Tea Party Members"!  Then the liberal media says, "It was Right Wingers" that set off the bomb!

Then they say that 2 young men from Chechnya were the prime suspects?!?  Of course they say they had 'video evidence' of the two, and put out a nation wide alert for us citizens to find them and call the FBI!

The younger of the 2 went to his school and worked out on Wednesday!  Was he innocent?  Or was he 'playing possum' and trying to blend in and not be considered a suspect?  Do you have any answers?  I sure dont!

Then the two steal a car, get into a gunfight with police where the elder brother is killed many time over, I might add.  And the younger brother gets away?!
How does that happen?

So the younger brother, wounded and hiding is finally found laying in a boat in a back yard.  Has the media and the authorities already convicted these guys?

First, I don't believe ANYTHING the media says.  Second, why let this whole scenario play out on every channel?  Can't the FBI and other crime fighters do this without all the manic publicity?  And third, like their realitives have said, 'they were set-up', or someone has 'framed them'.  Are their realitives that naive?  Or, are they part of the 'terrorist cell'?

Gosh, I hope the younger boy survives his wounds and I hope we can get some answers!

In the mean time, I still live by my bumper sticker...
"Never Trust ANY Muslim!"

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