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Monday, September 20, 2010

Stop Voter Fraud!

Since passage in 1993 of the National Voter Registration Act - aka "Motor Voter" - by the Democratic Congress that led to the 1994 GOP takeover, ACORN and a bunch of other radical liberal activists groups, many financed by George Soros, have been steadily growing their ability to increase vote counts for their candidates by stuffing ballot boxes with illegal votes on election day.

To get just a taste of how deeply devious the Left's tactics are in subverting elections, check out this report by Leo Vaquez, the Harris County, Texas, Voter Registrar.
Below is a partial list from that report outlining the many ways one leftist group, Houston Votes, has tried to register thousands of illegal voters in recent months:

Houston Votes has turned in 25,640 applications.
Houston Votes applications have generated 7,193 “new” voter records.
Houston Votes applications have generated 3,531 applications which were rejected by the SOS for failure to match TDL/SSN.
Houston Votes has submitted 1,597 multiple applications (two or more applications for same person).
Houston Votes has submitted 1,014 applications for pre-existing voters.
Houston Votes applications have generated 1,030 Notices of Incomplete.
Houston Votes has submitted 25 non-citizen applications.
Houston Votes has submitted 325 too young applications.
Houston Votes applications have generated 129 felon rejection of applications (although not the responsibility of volunteer deputy to determine).
Houston Votes has submitted 1,133 applications where the No ID box was checked.
Houston Votes has presented the Tax Office with 1,323 applications later than the five day statuatory deadline.

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