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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Weasel Has Spoken

The big news today was the so-called apology by one Eldric 'Tiger' Woods to his wife, his fans and to the game of golf. He didn't apologize to me or to you!

Well, I listened and I wasn't impressed.

Let me start by saying I have been playing golf since I was 18 years old... and that's a very long time!

The folks that helped me to learn the game and the 'teachers' I had, all had one central theme... Golf is a game of honor and respect, that is to be played with integrity, good manners, and a deep sense of fairness.

I have watched Mr. Woods for a very long time.
He was very fortunate that his father placed a golf club in his hands before he could walk.

I saw him on The Johnny Carson Show... I watched him perform 'tricks' at a very early age... I watched his amature career at Stanford... And I've watched his performance as a touring professional.

Now, golf is an unusual sport(heck, many guys feel that golf is really NOT a sport!), in that it is self governed- (except in tournement play). There are no umpires, no referees, no time keepers, no score keepers. Each golfer is responsible for his own actions on the course.

If you shot 92 and you mark your scorecard as shooting an 86, nobody is going to penalize you for cheating. You are just going to have to live with that fact on your own. If you do it often enough, your playing partners will catch on and disown you - never to invite you into their foursome again.

My father once told me that the only thing I had when I entered this world and began to interact with other folks, was my own personal reputation.

If I damaged that reputation, I not only damaged my family and friends, but I most likely damaged my future. The MOST important thing in MY life is MY REPUTATION, period!

Mr. Woods has severely damaged his reputation. It remains to be seen if it can be repaired or regained.

In his prepared statement to 'his friends', Mr. Woods said he was deeply sorry for his transgressions.
Well good. That's a start.

But his damage to 'the game of golf' may be beyond repair.

His behavior is not new.
I have watched his spitting, his throwing of clubs, his cursing, his gutter behavior on national TV.
Hardly respect, honor or good manners.

He has never made any excuses, and the media has never chastised him for such behavior. I suspect the media is so enamored of his unique skills that they simply excuse his rude and vulgar behavior because he is such a competent golfer.

Frankly, I'm shocked that these so-called 'private' clubs, (where most professional events are played), would tolerate such behavior to be shown in a public forum on their courses. Are we to believe that Mr. Wood's on course behavior represents their values?

Now please understand I have committed some of the same transgressions... Just not in front of other people and certianly not on National TV!

I have no issues with Mr. Wood's off course behavior as an individual, but I have MANY issues with him being a role model and the respect he is granted by the media.

His off-course behavior was obviously influenced by his peers - other pro atheletes - (obviously not his wife!), and we have all seen their life styles on public display. Atheletes like Kobe Bryant come to mind. But that is basketball, a sport now dominated by mostly black individuals that bring a sense of 'gansta' and 'street values' to the court.

If Mr Woods wants to be like his peers, fine. But that is not how golfers behave. His 'double life' must come to an end!

And why is it that every other golfer is listed by their actual names? Fred Couples is known affectionally as "Boob-Boom", but is listed as Fred Couples on the leader board. Greg Norman is affectionately known as 'The Shark", but is listed on the leader board as Greg Norman. Arnold Palmer was known as "The King', but was always listed on the leader board as Arnold Palmer. The list goes on and on... but they ALL used their REAL name!

Why is Eldric Woods ALWAYS listed as "Tiger Woods"?
Because of his reputation?
Well. if that is so, then that practice MUST stop! And NOW!

He has damaged his reputation and no longer deserves ANY nickname at all... Well, maybe one... "LOSER!" or, 'CHEATER!"

Eldric Woods must answer to his wife, his family and his God for what he has done off the course.

For his actions on the course, he must answer to you and I, to history and the ancient game itself. Sure, he's very good.
But he's NOT bigger than the game.

I hope he just goes away.
The game will be better off without a "CHEATER'!

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