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Friday, January 8, 2010

High Treason, No Need For Birth Certificate

From Stand Up America

Gail Tenzer – High Treason, No Need For Birth Certificate
Published on 01/07/10
Also posted by the Gold Coast Chronicle

Other than being relevant to High Treason, it’s no longer even a question of eligibility. At this point, it’s a question of such gross incompetence, fraud, abuse of power and defiance of the Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the Land, that BHO needs to be immediately charged and removed from any decision making.

BHO is attempting to rule and set up a government to replace the U.S. Constitutional Government. That’s not only high treason – it’s also evidence of perjury when he took the oath of office and if consumer laws were applied to his campaign, he committed fraud against the U.S. electorate!

We have never been in this kind of situation before. It is certainly uncharted territory. For starters, we need to remove all his powers for Executive Orders which he is abusing to bypass Congress. There is a violation here wherein BHO, Pelosi and co. are attempting to rule from above like monarchs rather than deriving their power from the people. This was never the intention of our Founding Fathers!

Before anyone is allowed to run for any office again, just as you have to take a driver’s license exam before you can drive a car, I suggest that candidates be vetted by first taking a course on U.S. Government and the Constitution (perhaps using “The 5000 Year Leap” and the Federalist Papers as texts), take a qualifying exam on the material and go through security clearance as if they were going to go to work for the FBI or CIA! Only then should they even be allowed to run for office in order to avoid this from ever happening again. Apparently we cannot continue to allow the Press to be a watchdog for the people!

All citizens must take courses to learn what this Democracy is all about before they can be allowed to vote. Sorry – that means either they get the info from reading or they have to be provided with videos etc. It is irresponsible to allow people to vote when they have no idea what they are or aren’t voting for. That would be as far as voting for candidates and not issues. Naturally, tax payers – all who are affected by a tax or an issue that are citizens should be allowed to vote for those issues that affect their lives.

We need to help avoid people voting for someone just because they are good actors and have “celebrity” qualities rather than people who know the issues they will have to deal with and are competent in those areas with a proven track record, which, by the way, BHO also did not have!


It's time to indeed STAND UP AMERICA!
We need to take our country back! NOW!
(And one slight correction to the above writer... America is not a Democracy, but a Representative Republic.)

This Obama character, this ZERO of a person, is only a puppet. Stop and think about it...
Even an slow 3rd grader can figure it out!

Here comes a man with a name that sounds foreign.
He has for his middle name, the arabic name, Hussein.
But we are not supposed to pay any attention to that because when we do we will be called racist biggots.

Barack Hussein Obama. Let's see... What part of the world names it's children in such a fashion?

Likely those living in the Middle East or some foreign, exotic place? Hindus, Buddists, Jews, Shintos, Jainists, or Taoists don't name their children with such names.

Certainly Christians do not uses such names.

ONLY people of the Muslim faith, ISLAM - use such names for their children. I figured it out over 2 years ago. I'm sure most 3rd graders did as well.

But the media told us to ignore our common sense and accept this person as a true individual and a man of honor. Well, OK. A lot of us did. I didn't, but a heck of a lot of misguided folks did!

So what do you think now? Is this man, this Hussein, a man of honor? Is he what you thought he was?
Is he MORE? Or is he LESS?

I still wonder why he simply doesn't put all this speculation to rest by producing a valid authenticated Birth Certificate?

With so much speculation about his birth and early childhood in Indonesia, why wouldn't a prudent person be skeptical? I believe a 3rd grader would be skeptical?

So yes, this man is GUILTY of lying to The American People, and should be held accountable for his crimes.
Impeachment? Yes!
Incarceration? Yes!

The Zero is an imposter and a criminal!
Arrest him today!

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