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Thursday, June 4, 2009


From Radio Online:

UK's Smith Resigns After Receiving Savage Suit

Talk Radio Network's syndicated offering Michael Savage says Jacqui Smith has resigned as the United Kingdom's Home Secretary, one day after receiving notification from Savage's law firm regarding a defamation lawsuit.

Savage filed the suit against Smith for placing him on a list of those barred from entering the United Kingdom.

On May 5, Smith, published a list of 16 individuals that would be banned from entering the UK. Michael Savage was included on that list, which contained names of radical Muslim clerics, convicted criminals and Russian skinheads.

Savage hired the Olswang Law Firm to initiate libel proceeding, and is seeking 100,000 pounds in damages. Savage also wants an apology, and a retraction of his name from the list published by Smith.

Savage said, "This is an orchestrated campaign by this socialist, fascist government of hers, trying to turn me into something I am not," he added, "I spent my entire life building my reputation, and I will not have this government drag my name through the mud.

I want my name cleared."

Sick 'em Michael!

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